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I was sooo close!!!

I got myself upto week 7 and was very proud of myself. I took a week off to look after my niece. All was well until I went for my first run on week7..

7am i got myself ready and went for a run. Just over 3minutes in I almost passed out, my breathing was shocking! I thought this was a one off, a bad day!!

Took the kids to school an decided to run back. Just over 3minutes again I almost passed out!! Could hardly breathe!!

I am disappointed in myself but maybe it's a sign. I have just gone back to week 3 run 1 :( practically starting all over again. But I'm determined to complete this plan!

:) em x

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I have found week 7 difficult too. Even though we managed the 25 mins in week 6, somehow it seems way harder facing that 3 whole times in week 7. I failed my first run too! Just remember, it's way better to go back and repeat than it is to give up. I am thinking of going back too, and I'm thinking it'll make us find the earlier weeks a lot easier and we'll feel more confident by week 7 again.


I can only speak from my own experience, but think you might be running too fast on the long runs? I have forced myself to go as slowly as possible always, my aim being to complete the time and not think about distance or speed. I'm also lucky in that where i run is mostly flat with a few gentle inclines. I'm sure I would find hills almost impossible at the moment. I'm on week 10, and amazed myself by keeping going for 48 minutes today. As someone who struggled getting to the end of the 60 second runs in wk 1, I'm really pleased. Someone on here mentioned a checklist for when you are out and want to give up running - something like "Legs? ok. Breathing? Bearable. Pain? Nothing dreadful. So it's just mental then. No reason to stop in that case" I did that today, and found it was really helpful. So much of this is a mental battle with us wanting to prove that we "can't" do it -because we lack motivation. I was one of the worst for that. When I checked the distance after i got home today, it was just over 6k. That's a first for me. If your breathing is really bad, then it's likely you are running too fast and exhausting yourself early on. remember the first 10 minutes of any run are the worst, so if you can go slowly enough to get through that, the rest of it seems to fall into place more easily. Maybe repeat wk 6, but consciously try to go slower all the way, and see if you feel better at that pace? Good luck!

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I didn't think of that. I was so disheartened as I'd run 25 minutes the Sunday before an couldn't even manage 4 minutes this week. When I'm on the treadmill I seem to run quite quick so slowed it to 8.0 today. Might even try 7.5 on Thursday.

Thankyou and well done! 6k is amazing. Hope I get there one day :D


As annasee says, most of us found, towards the end of C25k, that it took 5-10 minutes to get into a steady rhythm, on those longer runs. And as Laura says, start nice and easy for the first kilometre or so and then you will find a natural pace. If the breathing is difficult, slow down. You will enjoy your run much more and can pick up your pace when muscles are thoroughly warm and joints lubricated, later on. I am only just learning this myself, six weeks after graduating, and it makes all the difference for me as I increase my run length and duration, managing 75minutes at the weekend.

Don't give up, you can do it.


I found it doesn't matter what stage i'm at, a week off takes a lot of recovery. Took a month of in July to recover from injury and it took me most of August to get back in to it, even though I did 2 hours cardio 3 times a week at the local gym for the fusion


I went back to week 4 today as week 3 was a bit too slow for me. I slowed down my running an wasnt even out of breath by the end of it. (Very red though)

Thanks for the advice everyone.


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