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Week 1 Run 3 - felt harder than run 2

I went out yesterday evening even though I really didn't feel up to going out. I felt like I had really lost my confidence since run 2, even though I did much better than my first run.

This time I managed to run the 7th 1 minute run, so I am almost there. Definitely going to repeat week 1 so that that hopefully I can complete all 8 runs comfortably. Just hope I feel more confident on my next run, don't why I felt this way last night....

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Well done for even getting this far! You can do this and repeating a week is a good idea.

I have found that some runs are easier than others. There doesn't seem to be a reason some days you can do it easily and others it is really hard even though it is the same run! I seem to be settling into a pattern of one run in three being harder.

Just keep going you can and will do this :-)


Try not to over analyse it. You have to go through the weeks to build up stamina but you may find some of the later runs suit you better. The program does work & you'll surprise yourself & when you do you're allowed to look smug. :)


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