Sunday long run

Sunday long run

So, the day started grey and drizzly and everything with any sense was tucked away waiting for it to ease a bit. You couldn't even see across the straits and if anyone had said there were mountains over there you would probably have called them a liar if you didn't know any better. And so I arrived at the dreaded Cichle Hill which had me beaten last time. This time I took it really slow and persistence won the day. As the elevation increased the clouds were slowly starting to lift and you could see the dark silhouette of Penrhyn Castle looming in the gloom across the straits.

Today I took a new footpath and after the quiet of the roads there was plenty of twittering in the trees overhead and the sodden brown leaves underfoot dampened the sound of my footfall. I can't remember now if there were 4 or 5 stiles/kissing gates and I'm never really sure if they help or hinder progress. On the one hand it gives you brief pause to catch your breath a little but on the other hand it breaks your stride and it was here I took a 30 sec walking break. Either that or the gain in elevation was telling on my little leggies :D

Just as I was thinking I really didn't want to do any more uphill bits came the wonderful Baron Hill. Boy was that glorious running! Down past the empty, beautifully manicured golf course on one side and the prehistoric screech of jays in the trees on the other. Past the church with gravestones arranged in neat rows and on down towards the main road.

I'm never too sure about running this bottom road from Beaumaris and certainly wouldn't do it on a week day. I've done it once before but as this is part of the Anglesey HM route it was certainly worth doing again. There are some sections of the road that have no pavements and where there are any they are very narrow. I had to flatten myself against the wall a few times as the winding road makes visibility difficult but generally it was pretty quiet.

I love this time of year. The changing colours of the trees and what is left of the canopy above giving enough shelter from the drizzle to keep the brown leaves crunching underfoot, A child's paradise of fallen conkers and neglected apple trees with fallers strewn across the road. On past the gothic towers of Plas Rhianfa and you know your run is almost done.

Really pleased with this one and chuffed to bits to get a new PB for 10K somewhere along my 12.75K route :D


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18 Replies

  • Great stuff! Congrats on your PB!!!!

    Oh to be running in Beaumaris! I will one day. Oh to be doing a long run!

    Conkers! Pain in the arris to run on! I was out kicking up the leaves this morning. Chilly at first but you soon warm up don't you (thankfully!)

    I wouldn't mind a weekend in that hotel! Dream on Wobble!

  • Thanks MW. And hopefully you will get all of your wishes ;)

    Conkers aren't as bad as beech nuts I've found. I got one of those little buggers stuck on the bottom of my shoe and it was quite difficult to dislodge!

    The hotel is lovely isn't it but apparently the food isn't great so if you ever do fulfill your dream just make sure you eat out ;)

  • How far do you run in a run ??

  • This one was 12.75k. Slowly building up the distance though.

  • Sounds absolutely perfect Hilly and Well done on a new PB, Yay !

    Another beautiful written , descriptive post, love it xxx

  • Thanks PP. I'm so happy with myself that I've hardly left the couch since I got home lol :D

  • Yep, beech nuts! Those too. Drat the darned things. I mentioned those in disparaging terms on here the other day. Damn em! They are so skiddy!

    I shall return to Anglesey! It's fab!!

  • Oh I missed that post!

    Anglesey's great. I really love it. We can always meet up if you do make it up this way :)

  • We went there on the recommendation of my pal, plus my husband is very into George Stephenson (he lived in my home town, and is in fact buried here) So, OH wanted to check out his bridge! Lovely place. I absolutely loved it. Terrible weather mind you but it didn't spoil our enjoyment.

    Oh yeah that would be fab! I will bring my running shoes. We want to call in at Conwy again for some mussels

  • Oh I do hope you got to see the stone lions! Maybe you'll be luckier with the weather next time ;) Hazards of living on the west coast :D

    Well there you go! You can get to see where I run :) But I'm afraid I'll have to resist the mussels. They really don't like me very much :(

  • I love em! Conwy ones are very good too. We can buy them in Sheffield, from a fish shop on Ecclesall Road, which is MY's stamping ground

  • I would really like to love them but I discovered at the local mussel fair that we're definitely not a match made in heaven!

  • Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. You really do live in a beautiful part of the country - especially for running!

    I'm loving all of the beautiful autumn colours. On some sections of my morning run it was like running from one different coloured carpet to another. I also saw over 100 horses out on the old hunt route. With all the riders in tweed crossing my route as I approached, it was just spectacular

  • Oh how lovely! Things like that really do make a run special don't they :)

  • You make that sound gorgeous hilbean. I could almost smell autumn! Your description of "church with gravestones" and "gothic towers" is right up my street. I've never been to your part of the world but it does sound beautiful. Must put it on my list!

    Well done on the PB too.

  • Thanks IP. Anglesey is definitely a place worth visiting but I AM somewhat biased ;)

  • Sounds lovely. Great picture.

  • Thanks xx

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