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Couch to 5K
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4 miles in 33:48. Also Dad's first 5km!

Hi all!

This weeks long run was a shorter one at 4 miles (6.44km). This is because I have a 10km race next Sunday so I need to retain some energy for that.

My Dad ran W8R1 at the same time as me, I expected to complete our runs at about the same time but when I finished he was still running, I was sure I didn't get my maths that wrong so I was confused while I was warming down. When he finished he was wearing a grin and told me he kept running until he reached 5km in 31:16! I think everyone now knows where I get my drive from!

I am tempted to push him into running a 30 min 5km in next weeks Parkrun now! I am sure he can do it when he is running with everyone else.

Thanks for all your kind words after yesterday's Parkrun.

Here is a link to my run:


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So you're a chip off the old block?


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