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Week 1 run 2.....much better than the first :-)

Hi everyone,

I posted on Tuesday about my utter disappointed with my first run - I only managed up to the fourth 1 minute run! Well I am now feeling much more confident thanks to you lovely lot x

I did my second run this evening and managed to get up to the sixth 1 minute run, I couln't believe it and my smile was like a cheshire cats :-)

I know I still have a long way to go but feel really motivated to carry this on, even if I may have to repeat weeks.

Thank you all once again for all your inspiration and helpful advice - love you all millions x

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Well done. Loving your new positivity too. Thats half the battle with running. And those little progressions help loads.

Yes you may find you have to repeat weeks/runs but theres no hard and fast rules. Do it at your oen pace and enjoy it. You'll soon progress.

Can't wait to see your future posts. :)


Hezzabelle is right. With a positive attitude, you will discover, as we all have, that you are capable of far more than you ever believed possible. Some runs will be harder than others, but they will all be contributing to your new fitter and happier self and you will wish you had started this years ago. I don't know whether anyone has mentioned post run stretching to you, it is essential if you want to keep the inevitable aches to a minimum and can help avoid injury. There are some on the NHS Choices site.

Keep running, keep posting.Good Luck.


That's fantastic well done! The smiling will happen more and more as you run. It's a great feeling running with a huge grin on your face! :)


I'm going to do a few more week 1 runs. Did my fourth this morning and put a lot of effort into grinning and saying hello in my least breathless voice.


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