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On holiday and too hot to run!

Set off on holiday knowing there was a gym at the hotel and was determined to keep up the runs. Unfortunately the dreadmill did not have instructions in English so I never did get the knack of setting it up correctly. The gym wasn't air conditioned either. The 33 degrees C was not conducive to running so I decided a long walk around the headland would be better. It was lovely but extremely rough going - more of a scramble than a ramble! The following day walked round the other headland of the bay and that was even rougher! My poor knees were begging for a break! The pathway was very steep and rocky and made into a boardwalk of steps. The views were wonderful.

I did have a fabulous swim in the sea and a wateraerobics class in the icy pool.

I am still amazed that having gone with the intent to do nothing for a while, how exhausting it all was. We both slept every afternoon. All we did was eat and drink and not much else!

So - back to reality this morning. After no running for 10 days I set off this morning listening to Monty Python tracks. (Good for a laugh but rubbish on the beat). I decided I would run as far as I could, then walk a bit and then run a bit. It was nothing like a decent run but it was out - and off the couch!

I'm going to go back to week 9 AGAIN and do that until I feel up to tackling a park run.


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