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Yipppeeee plasters off when do I start running ?

Well after seven weeks in a full leg plaster it's off / caused me no end of issues the worst two being a stone put on and now unfit so the gym is calling me thinks! It just shows how much I need running plus I'm off on a tropical holiday in four weeks and look like a blob I know it has to be gentle exercise but where do I start thinking five minutes three minutes walk for 35 mins ..... Any thoughts ?

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Never broken anything ( touch wood) so I can't really give advice but slow and easy is right I guess. Welcome back :)


I'd do a week in the gym, cross trainer and rower, but not treadmill. Next week treadmill, pref feedback because it's lower impact. If it hurts stop


Have you got a physio you've been seeing at the hospital? They would be the best people to advise on when to start running again and/or how long for to start with.

When I broke my hand earlier this year the fracture clinic referred me to their hand physio department. Every therapy appointment I always asked about what was sensible to do. E.g. Is it OK to drive, go cycling, do gardening, go swimming. I had pins put in and after they were taken out at 5 weeks I was told that I should be fine to start getting back to normal. At 8 weeks I counted as "fully healed" and advice was to work on getting back to doing all my usual activities. (I went cycling in the Alps at this stage) My hand still not back to normal now after 6 months :( But at least it is getting there, just a bit stiff and achy. Don't take my time scale for recovery as the norm, check with your doctor! Legs are probably very different to hands and I guess it also depends on how bad the break was.

Hope you get fully back to normal soon!


Thanks for replys - ive been told to take it easy and if it hurts stop - trying the cross trainer tonight plus a sauna and steam - but first i need a LEG WAX!!!


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