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Gremlin Attack - special forces required


I graduated in April, extremely slow, extremely steady and ran 3 times a week with dedication ( well, maybe that's an exageration, the dedication bit!) . I did my first park ru and experienced the euphoria and was super emotional for a few hours at my incredible achievement wishing I had done it years ago. On 30 July I even achieved 6k continuous running ! Then......

Two weeks holiday . I packed my kit but I also packed an army of gremlins. I talked myself out of early morning runs as after all I was on holiday. (1 -0 to gremlin) Climate A little too hot for day run (2-0) and food too enticing (3-0) for evening runs. You see a pattern emerging? I visited hotel gym and explained I'd never run on a treadmill before but would like to run on holiday (3-1) and was assured they would be most helpful.......Alas I allowed a full scale gremlin assault after seeing the sleek, chic, well toned bodies of runners already in attendance and the trainers sat neglected on top of the safe in the wardrobe !!

I returned accepting that I may not be able to achieve the pre holiday status however I am shocked at the control of the gremlins.......I have had three run of 5k with a combination of walk/running max continued run 2.5 k . I know perseverance will get me back to where I was but I'd like to run before I can walk .

Do I return to the programme to build up ? Do I continue with trying to extend length of time before I need to walk ? Where can I obtain positive mental attitude ? OH Yes on this forum !

As a lurker I know there is so much great advice here ......running is never the issue , the gremlins need to be defeated....I will get there again with the special forces of the forum to motivate. Never underestimate what posts on here do for lurkers like me !!!

Onwards and upwards (don't get me started on the hill gremlins......)

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Hi Allypally,

You are definately not alone with this one, we all know that feeling and have self-doubts.

I expect a lot of good advice is coming and will start you off with what I do.. I still go out running with my c25k coach Laura, she is on the podcasts for c25k+ which has three different sessions Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina. Not everyone likes these but I do.

I also run for fun sometimes with my own music, drive somewhere and try a new route along a canal path, I still aim to do around 30 mins but don't worry about distance.

There are more options B210k (when you are ready, not yet) and a lot of people enjoy Parkrun..

Happy running😊..


Bluebirdrunner has given you some great advice there... :) Consolidated those 30 minute runs again... try some shorter runs and some longer, slower, see where you get to, runs... I love the C25k+ podcasts too.. Stamina and Speed... use them alone or within other runs:)

Just take it gently and enjoy your comeback!


The Gremlins have got jet lag and they have holiday tummy too.. so they won't be bothering you again!


Can I just say how impressed I am by your tags? Here I was reading about your lovely holiday and your 'orrible gremlins, and then I see most peculiar tags about a low-carb diet (on holiday? really?) , fungal infections (well, possibly from the pool) and heart and vascular diseases (too much rich food?).

Okay - you need Special Forces assistance! Don't sweat it, as it were :D Just get out and go for a run. Don't aim for anything in particular. You will not have lost much fitness, if any, in two weeks or so. Do you have a favourite run near you? Or perhaps go and try a completely new run, with no pressure about time or distance. But come back here and report afterwards - that's important. Have fun!


You won't have lost much if any fitness in 2 weeks, it's just that the gremlins have been reinvigorated by their holiday, and they need an extra big boot up the backside to get them to eff off! Get out and run and leave the lazy holiday gremlins behind where they deserve to be! I have struggled with motivation now and again and have not run as often as I should , but the best way I found to get rid of the gremlins is just to go out , slowly, but do the distance just to show them you can still do it!

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Brush those wretched gremlins off your shoulder and go for a run and see where you are then you can build from there. I still get the 'orrible blighters telling me to stop and have a rest but I ignore them and plod on.


I did it this morning ......it it just happened , a continuous 5k run . MInd over matter ......Honestly , I really need to sort my head out !!


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