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Flagging :(

Finding it really hard to motivate myself to go out and when I do, I find it hard work even after just the first few minutes, in terms of breathlessness. Granted I have a lot on my mind right now but think the running is good to keep up with for stress relief and other health benefits. So why am I finding it so hard? Running 20-30 minutes three times a week you'd have thought it should be getting easier. Grrrrr.

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I don't feel qualified to give advice but am impressed by the fact you are still running even though it is tough. I would say hang on in there and it will get better.


Hi PamJK, don't despair. I was wondering where you had gone since the days when we started almost simultaneously and graduated around the same time!

I've had some dreadful outings and the summer heat really pushed my breathing back down into my socks! I had several weeks where I simply couldn't do 30 mins running as my lungs were all used up after about 15 minutes! I ran while on holiday in early mornings along a riverbank and I'm once again attempting 3 x 30mins a week now back home.....but gasping really is obvious after a very short time and I'm not getting anywhere near 5ks now :( I know life and work and family have all got in the way from time to time ... but, like you, I really do want to get better and faster at this....and it's simply not happening! :(

Stay cheerful and keep plodding away - maybe it's just a runner's '7 month itch'? You know, a sort of scaled-down version of the 7 year itch that folk in relationships traditionally go through, only concerning our relationship to running??? ;)

Keep smiling, and let's prepare for the 5 x 50 with the same determination we found earlier this year when doing C25K! :D

Cheers, Linda x


PamJK, do you have any targets to aim for in respect of your running? C25k is great for giving us achievable targets, which inevitably boosts our self esteem, enthusiasm and commitment. After graduation it is easy to feel a bit adrift with no focus to the running and when it is hard it becomes a slog and the fun goes out of it. I am using my weekend run to push my duration and distance and have now got to 10k. I set a date by which to accomplish this and got a great buzz when I got there 9 days early. My other weekly runs are 5ks with sprint intervals, which are beginning to reduce my average pace, which is satisfying and keeps me motivated.

Whether it is speed or distance, it doesn't matter, but set yourself something to aim for in the short term, and you will find yourself smiling again as you hit the targets. There is no limit really.

Good luck.


Thank you for the replies xx

Susan22: I keep repeating the mantra that there is no such thing as a bad run, or even that a bad run is better than no run and I'm hoping things will get better.

Linda: I remember one really hot Friday afternoon a couple of months ago. I couldn't bare to run along the pavement in the sun as it was so hot but not wanting to give up I ended up running up and down the same side of a local park so I could keep under the trees! It was really dull! Thanks for reminding me about 5 x 50. I'm really looking forward to that next year. I hope pilates will count!

Iannoda Truffe: The only goal I have is to improve on my 5K time but it's staying obstinately at approx 34/35 minutes. And you're right. It has become a bit of a slog and something I need to shake up after my exam in two weeks time. I did start to do some interval training so I'll pick that up again and introduce some longer runs at the weekends, maybe just adding a minute or two each week, and see how I go. I also need to map out a new route as my current one is extremely dull.

I am also toying with the idea of purchasing one of the In-app packages in Runkeeper or maybe an audio fuel training podcast to mix things up a bit. Just need to get my exam out of the way which is weighing heavy on my mind at the moment. Wondering if that makes a difference too. Looking forward to my first post-exam run on 11th October. :)


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