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Using your Wii Balance Board as Smart/Wifi Scales

Not sure if this has been posted before? It's not going to be of use to everyone but it might interest someone, you can get app for Android Device/Phone that in effect enables you to use your Wii Balance Board as a set of Smart Scales, the app then syncs the reading to your Fitbit account or Runkeeper account.

I was thinking of purchasing some expensive Wifi Scales until I discovered this, instead I've dusted off the old Wii Balance Board that was residing in our under the stairs cupboard and I am using that :)

The App :-

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Unless you have android 4.2+ :-(


Sounds very interesting. I have an iPhone unfortunately so can't take advantage of this. My Wii Balance Board will have to continue gathering dust.

On a different note the Wii Balance Board was my first (unsuccessful) attempt at getting fit a few years ago.

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My balance board was also my attempt at starting to get fit, a good starting point!

Thank you for the heads up on the app, I may try it one time as I don't have proper scales!

I do wonder how accurate the wii fit scales are though!


Mine were spot on, exactly to the pound the same as my Weight Watcher Digital Scales when I compared them last night.


See actual scales say I'm heavier than what the wii ones do but only a few lbs! Been thinking about getting some proper scales too


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