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Noticing progress

This is my second attempt at C25K, last time I got as far as week 8 (on the treadmill) before stopping because of shin splints. This time I am running outdoors and have just competed week 6. Having said that I have also restarted week one to support my wife who wants to start running too and I have noticed how easy week 1 now feels which has really boosted my confidence. As for me, I feel the C25K program keeps you at the limit of your comfort zone to keep your progress moving forward.

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Well done for starting again! I'm on Week 8 now and I know how devastated I'd be if I was forced to stop for some reason, so I feel for you.

I love the idea of going back and doing Week 1 at this stage - it must really boost your confidence to know how far you've come. The rate of progress in this programme is truly amazing - every time I'm out running, I can't believe it's me that's actually doing it!

Good luck with further progress and enjoy!


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