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Post-Grad run terrible. Was the red wine the night before responsible?

I graduated last week (tah,dah!) gave myself two days' rest (social commitments meant I couldn't run earlier) , started my post-grad run this morning feeling confident and, fellow runners, IT WAS NOT GOOD.

After ten minutes I was puffing and panting and already felt tired and knew that I would struggle with the whole run. So, for the first time ever I stopped for a minute after 20 minutes catching my breath and wondering what had happened. But I did go on to finish. But my oh my was it hard.

I started thinking about what I had done differently and remembered that an experienced running friend told me that when she drinks red wine the night before she "glows' more ( sorry, we are ladies) and finds the run harder. I did have a couple of glasses of the red stuff last night and interestingly my "glow" line was bigger than usual! But that could have been due to the extra effort it took me!

Has anyone else noticed their running suffers after drinking red wine the night before?

(Ps it doesn't seem to happen after drinking white wine).

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I'm also struggling with running and alcohol. To begin with I refused to drink the day before I ran, and whilst that is obviously a very moral thing to do it's a bit tedious now that I'm running 4 days a week. Now I treat the run as a good antidote to excess, but understand that I may not be on my sparkly best! Running certainly does get rid of the cobwebs!

I think that it may be more likely that you are trying too hard now that you've graduated. Did you track your pace when you were running? Maybe you were going too fast? One of the best things that I've found since graduating is that it is good to go slowly, and is necessary to maintain fitness. Maybe keep the faster runs for days when the red wine hasn't tempted you.

For an even better test, try overindulging on red wine, then white wine, and report back with your analysis. Have you tried running after a bottle of Scotch?


Hi Corius, thanks for your reply. I do like your suggestions on the wine front - hee hee! I may well end up on the excesses if I continue to have bad runs. But hey ho on we go.

Seriously, you're right. I think I got over confident once I graduated so a lesson there. Now where's that Scotch?


I like the way you're thinking, Corius. That would obviously be the scientific approach to the problem.


:( I don't understand what you mean by "glow" and I feel like I should, like there's some inside joke I ought to be privilege to because I'm a woman, but I'm clueless and irritated that I'm clueless </forgive me I'm Canadian>

re: first run post grad: First, congrats! Second, it's possible that in your completion exuberance you were over-confident and went too fast too soon... or you might have just had a bad day. Has it been better since?


Hi caribougrrl, so sorry for the confusion. Think I was trying to be too polite on this site (my friends would hoot with laughter at this point). I have heard the expression " horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow". So the glow line is my sweat line!

Interestingly, the day after this bad run I took ill and had a 24 hour vomiting bug, so maybe it had nothing to do with the red wine at all! Just ran today for the first time since and was pleased that I ran for 20 mins as I was still feeling ugh. So, will aim for the 30 again on Sunday......... still, l I will experiment again with the wine and let you know how it goes.........


Well done! I'm experimenting with a pint of cider as I type... You can't do enough research!


I thought maybe it was something else I needed to know about so I could be suitably embarrassed in public! ;)

I keep telling myself the most important thing is that I keep getting out there, never mind how well it actually goes.

I may have the opportunity for a scotch experiment this weekend, and if so, will report back.


And here in are a Role Model :) Wow - what a great journey you have been on :)

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Gawd John, you've found my first ever post here (I didn't post until I graduated) and surprise surprise it was about alcohol! Haha! I still can't drink red wine the night before a long run........😊

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