If only I hadn't walked!

I had a two day rest between runs and headed out this morn with purpose. IannodaTruffe advised me to stop looking at my phone whilst running (good tip that) and Old Ned (for I think it was he?) advised me to switch on Lady Endomondo's voice prompts on so I could hear when I reached the end of my route.

This morning I wore headphones and ran with no music or podcast - just Endomondo telling me lap times. I don't know what the heck came over me today, but once I set off I realised I was moving at a fair old pace. "Steady Dan" I warned myself. "Don't wear yourself out early and crawl home like a pathetic retired tortoise". I've bleated on and on here (on this forum) about how competitive I get with myself whilst running and that was one of the reasons why I'd switched off getting my laptimes being announced into my ear holes. I'd got to the end of the first K and nearly jumped out of my skin when the announcement came "Lap Time 5'29sec".

Told you I was moving!.

With that news broadcast to my brainwaves, stupid twit here decided to try and go faster. I did, I pushed a wee bit harder and then the 2K announcement..."Laptime 5'25sec"....."WOOHOOO!" I sort of said in my head. "Amazeballs!" I don't know what it was, but I was gliding today. Absolutely perfectly in sync with myself. Legs felt strong, breathing was still ok as I pounded down the A316 towards Richmond swimming baths for my 3rd K. Another stonking lap 5'22sec! "Maybe listening to that Usain Bolt interview on Radio 5 last night has given me new found va va voom?" I mused.

I really could not believe what was happening. I'd given up on the elusive personal best time of 27'28sec long ago, thinking that it was freak run, or maybe the satellite got it wrong?? I'd done about four sub 30 min 5K's since then but nowhere near my PB.

I was getting tired. Oh boy, was I getting tired. I slowed down.......got slower....."Oh **it!" I said. "I've gone and blown a good time". I had to stop for a walk and stupidly felt INCREDIBLY GUILTY!! I know! What am I like? I counted 20 secs and then set off again thinking that because of my three fast K's, I'd got some time in the kitty for a decent sub 30min. 4th K was announced as expected - slower! But not THAT much slower - 5'45sec. "Ok Dan my man. Breathe like a......thing.....and push those mighty legs like you've never pushed them before!" I did as I was told and put in a 5'30 final lap.

Sweating like anything, completely out of puff and making loud groaning noises which sounded like a pregnant duck billed platypus, I trudged home. "Uhhh.....ugggg.....uh...." I groaned as I got to the front door. Fished my key out of my pocket and let myself in. It was time to check my time.

27'30sec! Just three secs off a PB. I felt elated and then disappointed and then annoyed and then amazing again all in the same breath!! I'd come as close as I'm ever gonna get to my best time. 3 bloomin' secs. The slimmest of margins for a 50 year old newbie runner type.

If only I hadn't walked eh? Ha!


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15 Replies

  • Great run well done, keep at it and the PB will come when you least expect it. Last week I was looking to run 5km in about 27 mins and felt very good after 2km and managed to finish in 24:13.

    Also good tags!

  • 24'13???? That's incredible! Well done.

  • Thanks, I was very pleased, well after I almost coughed my lungs out when I finished.

  • Awesome run dude. Damn that walk! LOL. You'll get that PB soon I'm sure. And I agree with aftabs............brilliant tags...........!

  • Thanks FB. I find the "tag-ology" quite fun on here!

  • Wait. What? You can change your tags?????????!!!!!! I've been wanting to do that for ages!

  • Oh yeah baby! When you "preview" your post, scroll down to the tags. You can get rid of the crap ones by clicking on the X beside each tag. I usually try and make an innuendo sentence out of them!!!

  • I find it works for me to do a slow first, do the next few k's at a fair pace then drag my feet home for the rest. I reckon the middle phase gets longer and longer...

  • excellent time..you need to start increasing distance, unless you are a speedonista...but you might find that going for longer and slower really is good...

  • First off- amazingly fabulous new picture. Secondly, I think I'm a 5K sort of person. I don't have the time to do a further distance before work cos it would mean getting up at around 5am for me to start work at 9am - that includes a 80 minute commute! Plus I don't get home until 8.30pm which means I'm ravenous when I get in! I'm happy with having achieved a 5K distance though - from sitting on a couch!!!

  • Yeah, yeah, that's what I said, here, publicly, a few months after graduating........

  • Thankyou... It's got too cold for sunnies so it's on with my panther fur!! Yes good point, every respect to you for getting up its bloody hard isn't it?! I have a similar commute and I really really hate it!!! Have a fun and bubbly?? Weekend

  • Negative splits, old boy, it's the only way forward. Damn good time though!

  • Great time Dan; clearly Lady Endomondo speaks your language!

  • Good time, I feel your pain though, back in April, looking for my first ever sub30 parkrun I managed 30:04, just a pity about the untied shoelace halfway through! Take a couple of days and you'll beat that PB.

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