Hail ye all!

After a hectic day - (my last day of freedom before going back to work on the dog movie) of many appointments and DIY jobs, I eventually managed to get out for my run. First thing this morning was a blood test down at the doctors (cholesterol check), then back home for a welcome brekkers. Then zoomed over to the dentist for a hygiene appointment with Miss World. That's not her name, it's just that if she entered the contest - she'd win! Easily. After that, back home to grout the tiles I'd put up over the weekend in our bathroom - YES, I AM DIY MAN! Then an extremely low fat lunch cooked by Mrs Dan which was deeeeeeeelish! Then off to the dump with a car load of detritis. Raced back home and got changed into my running clobber. "C'mon Brooks" I said to my trainers "Let's go kick some major aaaaasssssss!"

GAIT ANALYSIS MAN at the running shop advised I do lots of 3K runs in my new shoes, but today my legs felt good enough to attempt a 5K. The sun shone weakly as it was getting on for late afternoon, the air temp was really cold so I was glad I'd worn gloves and off I went on my warm up walkies.

I'd never run this late in the day before since starting this last April and I wondered if the time of day would make any sort of difference to my run. It had been two hours since luncheon so I was feeling well energised and off I went on K1. It was gone in a flash and Endomondo announced a 5'54 time. Not bad. I figured I'd slow down cos I didn't want to go too mad after my hectic day thus far. The 2nd K was quicker, which was weird cos I could have SWORN I'd gone slower. This one clocked in at 5'43. The next two K's were exactly the same as the first - 5'54. Suddenly I realised that if I could keep up this pace - even slow up a teensy amount - I could achieve a sub 30 run, something I hadn't achieved since last September! I started to get excited.

"Keep it together dude" I told myself. "Don't screw this up. You've done 4K, so keep it steady until the end". Good advice, even though I say so. My throat was getting a bit raw and I could have done with a slurp of water, but I didn't have any with me. Damn! Would this mild attack of dehydration ruin my goal? I hoped not and kept going and at one point , picked up the pace a tad. JUICYJU's mantra screamed at me in my head - "Push that body punish that body" and I thought of her doing her 17K run a while ago where she almost burst into tears it was so hard. I thought of IannodaTruffe running up big hills, opening and closing gates whilst mouthing expletives. Thoughts of feefbev in her Brooks saying they were the bees knees of running shoes. So many thoughts of posts I've read on here....

I wasn't near to tears, but I was really feeling this effort. I was so tired and I found my breathing extremely hard. "COME ON DAN!" I urged myself. "There's a delicious prize of a soak in the jacuzzi at the end of it!". I kept going willing the announcement from Endomondo to say I'd reached 5K. "Come on, I'm dying here!" I yelled at myself.

"You have reached your goal". AT LAST! "5K in 29 mins 10 secs.

Ohhhhhh yessssssssss!! (Cue me doing a little dance - a sort of, soft Brooks shuffle affair). I slowed down to a brisk walking pace (a la Laura's instruction) and walked home. It was still light, JUST! Walked in the door and announced proudly to Mrs Dan my wonderous story. "Show off!" was her reply - followed by a huge laugh!

The soak in the jacuzzi was my reward. This was my equal 6th fastest sub 30 since starting C25K back last April. I know I shouldn't race against myself, but there's something about stats isn't there? They're like little voices that taunt you in a childish sing song voice "You can't do it. You can't do it! Naaaa na na naaa na!" - then as a result, you try and prove them wrong.

Thank you for reading. Happy running everyone and keep going until the end!


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19 Replies

  • Brilliant and well done. Fantastic time and distance. Great to hear you are well and truly over your running woes. Definitely worthy of a full on conga.

  • You are too kind RFC. You know what? I was tempted to do the one man conga.....

  • Well done on getting back to where you wanted to be - and how were the Brooks - do you think they did it for you??

  • They are "Adrenalines GTS" so I bloody well hope so!!

  • Well done! I must admit, when I did my 18k a couple of weeks back I got the message on my mp3 (an Audiofuel 2 hour run) that I'd completed one hour I did a little dance on the grass verge in the rain a la JuicyJu! I got some strange looks off the drivers trying to park at the Britannia Stadium but I wasn't bothered :-D

  • You are soooo cool.

  • Ha ha! Not the word I would have used but thanks ;-)

  • Well my brooks don't let me do them times ! Well done dan & a big congratulations .

  • They will when your tendonitis disappears!

  • wow am worn out reading about your hectic day. Well done!!! Am intrigued as to what the dog movie is …...

  • All will be revealed this summer......

  • A fab post and a fantastic time, go you :)

  • Thanks Jennyjenjen

  • Well done DZ and congratulations on joining the 20 minuters. Brooks obviously suiting you well.

  • Sooper Dooper effort Dan - you've really worked for this. Conga away.

  • That's impressive panthering DTG... There is nothing like the feeling of nailing one... Well done you, and a great blog as always!

  • Thanks juju. You DA wooman!


  • Well done Dan da Man; good to see you back in dat groove.

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