I ran 6K today. First time ever. I'm well chuffed innit?! Here's how I did it...

After a delicious sleep and lie in, I chose a yellow and grey ensemble to grace the outdoors today. It was sunny but cold and it had been two days since my last outing, where I'd increased my distance by a teensy weensy 500m, so I set Endomondo's GOAL at 6K and off I went on my warm up walk.

Having discovered a whole new route along the river, I was going to go even further this time - to Twickenham and then back again which was a loop of 7K. The first K and 2nd K were really easy, in that I was breathing fine and my legs felt very steady. Having crossed the road at Richmond Bridge I headed down to the river once again. The sun shone and there were LOADS of runners everywhere! Loads. One alarmingly attractive young lady bounced passed me in what looked like an all in one lycra onesie, her ponytail bouncing cheekily behind her head. I smiled at her as she passed and she returned the smile with gusto! That made me feel good I can tell you.

I started to look out for more ponytails. There's definitely something about them, the way they bob and bounce in a "doinnng doinnng doinnng" manner and hopefully, behind a smiley boat race! There were plenty that went by and I grinned / smiled at those who looked friendly enough. I was going along very steadily, no speedy pace, just a steady jog. As I was manoeuvering my way around the parents with buggies and various other folk, this reeeeeally tall bloke ran past me. He was really going some and he was incredibly tall - about 7 foot? No. Perhaps 6'6. Anyway, as he galloped in front of me I noticed his gait. It was EXTRAORDINARY. He ran on his toes. When each foot landed, it was on his toes - never the flat of the foot. Or heel. Only toes. He looked totally weird to me as he sprung along like some sort of human kangaroo. His trainers were probably size 27 cos his plate of meat were enorrrrmous. They probably gave him the spriinnnng he needed each step!

Once he had disappeared, my speed had slowed down a bit. The 3rd K was fast but the 4th was much slower, and I started to wonder if I could run to the 6K "goal" I had set myself. I'd reached the road by this stage, just down from the shop where I'd hired my suit for my wedding two years ago. I crossed the road and jogged past Twickenham station, suddenly feeling a bit lighter when on my playlist TOM PETTY singing "You Wreck Me" came on! I decided to try and run to the beat. It was a fast song, but I kept my right leg hitting the pavement on each snare drum whack. This meant I was going faster and before long the 5K time was announced - 30'20. I was pleased with that, but I had a kilometre to go. I crossed the main "A" road and kept running. "You can do this Dan. Remember, running is all mental" I kept telling myself.

"You have reached your goal!" came the announcement. I'd done it and I slowed to walking pace. My legs felt really heavy now and a bit stiff. I had a kilometre to walk home so I pushed on until I reached my front door. I shuffled in through the door and announced to Mrs Dan "I've just run 6K!" "You didn't tell me you were increasing your distance?" she replied. "The guys online reckon I can do it, so I'm giving it a go." And I AM!

Into the jacuzzi after my stretches, feeling damned good. The great thing about running is, it's not whilst you're doing it that's so good - it's the feeling afterwards. Kabooom!!

Happy running everyone.



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24 Replies

  • Your running is definitely mental, Dan. But whoop, whoop. Well done that man. We told you that you could do it. Don't overdo it now and you will keep getting that buzz as you gently increase your duration and distance. You've come a long way from the couch you were forced onto, in just a few weeks.

    That thing about pony tails..........

  • Ha ha you men !

  • Thanks Signor Truffe. And yeah......those ponytails....

  • Your posts allways raise a chuckle danzargo , you really cheer me up . Congratulations on your first 6k keep up the good work & happy running .

  • Thanks Rockette. Hope that ankle is improving each day.

  • Yes it is thanks danzargo

  • I love reading your posts. They are like little novelettes! Wouldn't it be funny if someone on this forum piped up and said she was the lady with the bouncy ponytail and onesie? No it isn't me! Very well done in running the 6k. Looking forward to the next novelette.

  • Lo that thought crossed my mind too

  • Ahhh Irish Princess, thank you. It must be the 50% Irish blood I have flowing through my veins that helps with the writing.

    LYCRA ONESIE woman can pipe up anytime! Haha!

  • Hahaha-- I have the bouncy ponytail, but thankfully not the onesie!!! {;^}

  • A very entertaining read :-) Well done on the running too!

  • Thanks!

  • 6k wow Way to go Dan Congrats

  • Cheers FF60. It's been along time coming, but once you do it once.......I guess you can do it again?!

  • Of course you can I am going to start increasing distance this week but taking advice of forum --so slowly does it

  • He he! This post really made me chuckle as I conjured imagines of ponytails and huge footed ballerina like runners :) Well done on your 6k today Dan, there is nothing like the feeling of reaching that running goal.

  • You're sooo right Jenner. Thank you!

  • Well done Dan love your running reports

  • I'm so pleased for you... 6k in the pan eh! next week 7? What a fab blog too. I have a theory about swishy ponytailers, generally round here they are Mumsy's... However I think eye candy on a run makes all the difference, and makes it so much more fun, it's why I love parkrun ;)

  • Oh and that's a great new pic :)

  • Thank you Juliaaaaaaaa!

    Yes, my plan next week is 7k but that's providing I feel I can do it. Happy to have got past the mental barrier of "I could never go an inch past 5K" though!

  • Love your post Dan you always cheer me up Pat:-)

  • That had me gripped to the end!!! Congratulations. Parkruns always throw up a variety of running styles that are fascinating. Linda

  • Kaboom indeed!!!! Well done.

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