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Stitches and forgetfulness HELP!

Well another day, another run. Today's Thursday and so it's speed. It's been a confusing week, hubbies work went bust & they all got laid off , and we're rather stressed as my supply work has not yet kicked in. Anyway my heads been all over so I forgot to switch on madam runkeeper, on the very day I'd updated her! I only realised part way through. Fortunately I discovered when I got home that I could log a run afterwards. Obviously the pace / time is an estimate but at least I've logged an activity.

What still annoys me is I STILL keep getting a stitch. Almost every run. I dint know what I'm doing wrong or how to prevent it, but I'm hacked off with it. I'm not going fast enough for it to be caused by going too fast. I do have breathing issues (blocked sinus) - not sure if that can be linked? Anyone any ides?

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I am definitely no expert but I know stress can effect how you run. I would imagine after the week you've had your body will be quite tense and probably has been for a while. I would imagine it would be hard to let the go straight away. Maybe try something like some breathing exercises on the warm up walk just to get some release in tension before you start. I am sure their will be someone along soon with some good advice on how to get rid of it when it rears its head again. Good luck.


If your sinus problem is causing you to take shallow breaths that could be it. Do you practice diaphragmatic breathing? Breathe in deeply and consciously push your stomach outwards, as you breathe out draw your stomach in - this has got me through many a stitch. Best wishes to you, as Rfc writes above, stress can have some very unpleasant physical effects - take good care of yourself.


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