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Gents don't read this. For ladies only!!! Knicker recommendation!!!

Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while but was inspired by Dan's question from yesterday, hence the title!!! OK blokes, I all know you're reading this, the same as us girls were reading about Dan's pant dilemma from yesterday!!

Anyway, just wanted to share with the ladies my knicker discovery. After trying many options under my Lycra and either showing VPL (visible panty line if you don't know) or suffering from a hungry bum if you know what I mean(??) I have finally found the perfect pants!!! They are M & S Light Control Santoni Shorts - 2 pack in black or flesh colour for £9.50. The waist comes up to your waist not like some that cut right through the wobbly bits and the legs finish at the top of my thighs eliminating the pant line dent!!! They are so comfy and hold everything in without being them.

I've finally got back out there this week after a break of nearly a month due to heat, school holidays and life in general. Can't run my 5K without allowing myself some 1 minute walking breaks in between but I'm sure I'll be back up there in a few runs. Hoping my 'lucky pants' will do the trick!!

Happy running everyone.

Claire. X

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