Emmm need some advice about chaffing in very delicate area

Went for shower after run yesterday and all as usual Water trickled over head - lovely , over shoulders - nice , down my back - bliss, then ouch ouch what the ..... Felt like hundreds of needle attacking me Look away now if easily offended / squeemish After googling appears I have chaffing in area between my bottom cheeks Used some sudacreme we had for small grandchildren but really ' nappy rash' at my age! It's seems fine today Anyway what I'm hoping someone out there has advice on how to prevent it again. I was aware over weekend that pants were miss behaving and going places they shouldn't ( think they too big after my weight loss) Also had longest run yet on mon and it was hot so guess sweat and fabric rubbing the cause . Someone mentioned Body glide But is it suitable for this and do I now have to put it on before every run ? Any suggestions for type of pants ? My goodness this must be my strangest post ever but I know I can ask you anything

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  • Ooh, ouch. I believe you can get special runner's pants to prevent chafing, but I'll have to defer to other forum members for recomendations. I've bought a plain pair of cotton pants from M&S that I use for running because they are, not to put too fine a point on it, plain, with no fancy embellisments, and made of a breathable cotton. They are also cut a la Bridet Jones; ie, thongs and g-strings are out, big lady pants are in. You may need to experiment with a cut/fit that suits you. On the chafing side - using baby powder to help keep the skin dry seemed to help me.

  • Thanks tanyag Already in big lady m+s but maybe too much excess fabric you know where so prob need to replace with smaller size

  • Ouch been there. Not running though, but canoeing down the Dordogne in ill-fitting swim shorts.

    Squeamish look away now, unless you fancy a laugh...

    Developed a blister, well you know where... My wife thought it was a hilarious side-effect of my sedentary lifestyle. This was before I started running, so she does not laugh so much now. It was funny though, once it cleared up.

    I hope it gets better soon.

  • Oh blister sounds really sore nerdio I would Prob have laughed too before I felt pain of chaffing !

  • In Running Like a Girl, the author protects her feet by slathering them with Vaseline before putting socks on.... I wonder if that would work for .... er...other areas?! :)

  • Thanks jaqs Think I read somewhere it can mark your clothes but maybe I am wrong. I did enjoy her book

  • I do the Vaseline feet thing even though I don't run hard or far enough to get blister but I love the nice moisturised skin on my previously rhino like tootsies. No marks on fabric so far either. :)

  • I' ll give it a try then

  • Sudocrem is great for Nappy rash, Eczema, Bed sores and you can buy it in small tubs or huge ones so get a small tub to try first. I get chapped hands in the winter and its great for that. I buy Primark pack of 3 pants, high leg. no seams and don't slip, they are great for running, come in back so match your Capri's. Hope this helps you go from :( to :)

  • Just noticed that I had said I used Sudafed --- that would have been interesting as its for sinusitis !!!! Any way changed post to sudacrem which I did use and it was fast acting Is it worth using before to prevent chaffing or just to treat after? I never thought of using as hand cream Ill have a look at primark pants Thanks for tips old girl

  • Hehe, sorry but where are you putting that nose.

  • The mind boggles rfc That would be some contortionist trick Haven't covered that position in Pilates yet

  • Sudocreme is definitely your friend and can be used to prevent problems as well! I go commando when I run so as not to have any conflicts between separate items of clothing down there. One important thing to watch out for is seams in the wrong place as these can rub you up the wrong way.

  • Thanks dewines Not sure if this girl is ready to go commando But never say never ! One morning I might just wake up one morning and have the urge

  • Sudocrem should be good for both prevention and healing. Poor you! You can get running underwear on Amazon - I have some that has rubberised rims around the legs to stop them riding up. Seems to work. Good luck :)

  • Sudacrem seems to be the way to go I will check out amazon for pants as well Thanks Daisy

  • Love this post, having the same dilemma myself, I'm currently experimenting with different pant types, found something better than my regular ones but still not perfect. I'm also not keen on going commando either :)

  • Oh I love you Lovefood - well you know what I mean So glad to know I am not only one Not that I want you to be suffering Well if either of us find the perfect solution we can let the other know

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