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I don't recognise myself!

It's Friday evening, it's been a long hard week and it's pouring with rain, yet all I want to do is go running - what's happened to me?! I simply don't recognise myself anymore: where's the unfit, tired, lazy girl of my previous life and how has a bit of running changed me so much?

Tonight was W6 R3, so I'm now that "proper runner"! Isn't it incredible what this programme can do for your self-esteem and self-belief? I think I must be able to do anything f I can run for 25 minutes!

Oh, and R3 was so much easier than Rs1 and 2 - what's that about?! Can't wait to start Week 7 on Sunday.

Have a great running weekend, everyone!

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Well done you. I once heard someone quote, "Kids are like cats - they climb up the curtains if you try to keep them in". I now know what they feel like. If I can't run I feel the need to pace or even climb the curtains. Good luck with week7


Well done you, what a transformation in outlook! I went out and did run 2 of week 6 tonight, when I went out it was lovely sunshine and mentally I felt so much better for getting out (stressful week at work) It's comforting to hear run 3 is easier than 1&2. It does feel like I've reached a milestone, that's the last run interrupted by walking.


Will you be doing R3 today, Louise? I'll be doing Wk7 R1 this evening, which I believe is the same as Wk6 R3, so I'll be thinking of you! Enjoy!


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