I'm broken (almost) Bokwa!!

My gym took off my TRX class this morning due to unforeseen circumstances (think someone slept in) ;) Any way they would test out Bokwa on anyone willing to give it a try, well you know me!!!?!!!

How many times have I said "listen to your body" well this old numpty didn't do that this morning and went in all hell bent and gave it her all. Now my legs aren't working quite as they should and I still haven't had a run today! :( Tomorrow is a full on day at the gym sooooo it looks as if my running will have to take a back seat until Saturday, what a slacker I've been this week after stating how many classes I do in a week ;)


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9 Replies

  • Rest weeks are essential, especially when you're training as much as you do. Can I ask what a TRX class is like. I sometimes use TRX for reverse push ups and reverse rows, but I've never seen a class. I'm intrigued! X.

  • Hard work but fun when you do it with others, there is always that bit inside you that says "if he/she can do it so can I" so you push on.

    We do 45-60 seconds of different exercises then 1 minute to set up and get ready for the next exercise, moving from arms/upper body to lying down and doing push ups/plank, lunges/squats etc. Usually about 8 different exercises, then a 2 minute rest/recover and repeat all over again. Phew. The class I do is for beginners but its not easy, there is an advanced class for 1 hour but I'm no masochist :) The hardest part is keeping your feet in the loops to do knee raisers and side swings, my problems being a size 4 shoe which tends to slip out, owch!!

  • That sounds amazing, a little like crossfit. It seems stupid that my gym has the full kit bit doesn't utilise it.

  • We use the indoor running track which has walls both sides and they have fitted 12 hooks (I think) each side so a class can take 24 at a time. It gets very competitive when the guys try to out do each other ;)

  • Ouchas! Hope the legs feel better soon!

    And you are no slacker...I so no where near that much exercise in a week!

    Is Bokwa the one where you follow the letters of the alphabet? If so, I've always wanted to try it!

  • That's the one, it was a beginners class today so we covered, numbers 1 & 10 it being an X, letters C & L. You can do it low impact (no jumping) well that's no fun, also no arms!! You can't dance without arms and the odd wiggle or two can you :)

  • That is so true! I'm the same when I do Zumba...I always give an extra wiggle or two!

    Sounds good, I may have to try it sometime

  • blimey, it all sounds very complicated...you are speaking a different language !!

  • Bokwa is hilarious - or it is the way I do it! It's good fun though, but I a couple of weeks ago, I pulled a calf muscle when I did too much bouncing. Have taken it a bit easier since then! Also, for anyone wanting to fill their non-run days with exercise, try Zumba, also great fun! I don't think you can really call yourself a slacker Oldgirl, and surely the odd rest week MUST be good for us, mustn't it?

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