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Why oh why?

Went out in the rain this evening for the first time. I got changed at work as I knew I needed to avoid home if I was going to get out. Set out with great expectations having really enjoyed w5r3. But what a struggle. Huffed and puffed right through the first 5 minute run - but I can run for 20 so why was that so hard?! I managed to complete the run but without the high of last time. This running seems as much mental as physical challenge.

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But you made it and that should really help to know you can do it next time. Part of this is a battle of wills so well done for having the determination to complete the run :)

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Thanks RNW. All encouragement gratefully received!!


I remember wondering the same thing!!!! But keep at it, you'll soon be at the longer runs. And I'm the same, if I've managed to get home, I'm less likely to get out again. I've even changed in my car (including trying to struggle into a sports bra, didn't think that through did I!!)


So many people say that week 6 run 1 is so much harder than 5.3. I think it's to do with the adrenaline release and sense of accomplishment of 5.3, you do forget that it was hard work to do 20 minutes and when it all fades, you remember yourself bouncing effortlessly round your course. Then the reality check of 6.1 comes along and bumps you squarely back on your arse! red faced, huffing and puffing, and sweating round the same course that you remember being so easy a few days ago.


I felt exactly the same about w6. If you go back and read all the posts on w6, you'll see it's definitely a common concern. So don't worry, you're in good company! I even found a post by LauraStQ who is THE Laura and she posts about it bring hard too!

Good luck for the rest of week six and try and enjoy it :)


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