Does anyone find they're loosing weight on this plan?

I'm in my 7th week now so I suppose if I am to loose anything this is where it will be lost as I will be doing loads more running?!

I just wondered if I should be expecting it to be coming off as I just weighed myself and has anyone else lost a little?

I do need to sort my diet though now I'm in a new active habit!


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  • I started exercising again about 6 months ago, and lost quite a bit of weight in the first 3 months - then I discovered this program. Although, my weight has stayed pretty constant since then, I've had so many more comments over the last few months than when I actually lost the weight, as I've toned up so much, so don't worry about the scale numbers, just concentrate on how good you're looking in the mirror, and how much better your clothes are fitting.

  • That's very true, thank you!

    I need to focus on the positive changes rather than what might not be happening and it's probably a bit soon for any of that anyway!

  • Absolutely - the scales say more or less the same, but everyone keeps telling me that I have lost weight. I certainly look and feel zillions times fitter than I did before I started running - keep it up !

  • I've lost 30kg since starting 18 months ago, but I'm also using myfitnesspal and I'm pretty strict on myself.

    Running itself doesn't burn as many calories as we'd like to think. I reckon a 5km run = a snickers and a can of coke. (Then there's the argument of extra muscle burning calories in the long term etc.)

  • I tried using my fitness pal ages ago but I didn't have enough will power!! I only need to loose a few lbs really but I suppose it's just the diet thing now, I'll give my fitness pal another try, it is useful for counting calories isn't it.

  • I've lost nearly 4 stone in the last 6 months, doing a popular weight loss programme. I've found that it helped me get to a weight that running wasn't going to be as much abuse on my knees. My losses have slowed since starting this plan, but I don't care. I feel so much better and fit into clothes that I never thought I would. I'm wearing jeans with a waist size that I wore when I was 15!! (briefly on the way up in weight). Don't stress about the scales, go by how you feel (both physically and emotionally when you look in the mirror).

  • What's the popular weight lost programme you are currently using ?

  • I'm just about to start week 9 and have lost 13 lbs so far by combining Couch to 5k with MyFitnessPal and also cycling 6 miles to work twice a week. As others have said though, you can't go by weight alone as you're building lots of new muscle which weighs more than the fat you're losing.

  • can I ask question. do you use the recommended calorie deficiency for weight loss. does this work for running? as I am having problems getting the balance right.

  • I use their recommended allowance as a goal, but I'm not that strict about it. I tend to be strict throughout the week then a bit more relaxed at the weekend. Seems to be working ok so far but if the weight loss slows down I might have to change that.

    When adding cardio I use the calories that Strava (run tracking app) tells me I've burned rather than myfitnesspal's estimate.

  • I am just finishing week 6 and have lost about 6 lbs. I am not very overweight but could definitely lose a stone or so. I don't know how much is to do with the programme but I have been walking my 10,000 steps every day for years and stayed the same. I think the fact I get a bit out of puff makes the difference plus I have been cutting back on the cakes and extra rubbish I was eating. It's definitely a combination if the two that I need to pay attention to. I am noticing a change in the shape of my legs too. Keep at it and I am pretty sure things will start to shift.

  • I've just completed Week 5, and I was surprised when I weighed myself yesterday that I've lost about 5 pounds since starting the programme... I didn't actually expect that, so it's a happy bonus. The biggest benefits though have been my elevated mood, my toned legs (that's a first!), and my general alertness. Running seems to have woken me up, which is a fantastic feeling. Oh and my big bum is actually shrinking! Like the others have said, feeling great has to be at least as important as any weight loss?

  • Yeah I think I'll concentrate on weight when I graduate then the muscle and things will be a little more 'normal' if that makes sense!

    You've all been very helpful with wise words might post them on the fridge to distract me from thinking of the weight thing.. Just need to loose a few lbs so when I'm in more of a rhythm I'll think of adjusting food but not diet as such!!

    This is the first regime/plan that's working for me!

  • Diet is really important, you need to be expending more calories than consuming. I tend to run on an empty stomach, you use up far stores then instead of what you've eaten. When you get back eat a very healthy snack or make a healthy fruit smoothie to replace nutrients and make sure you're hydrated.

  • Oh I mostly do that, it's just my general diet I need to sort, I've been quite good lazy lately and doing a little binge eating! Perhaps I should jump about every time I want to eat rubbish!!

  • That should say food lazy!

  • Bingeing isn't the best thing. It's hard initially. I've found something that works for me and everyone will be different. I am quite disciplined. Maybe a good approach might be to look at what you are eating daily and see how you can make adjustments. However, don't see food as bad, no food is, just the amount and when it's eaten. Chocolate can be good if its good chocolate. Paula Radcliffe has a square of good chocolate before she runs. Keep going it will start to kick in. In 3years I have dropped 4 dress sizes. I've just had knee surgery and am recuperating so am increasing my mileage again but have suffered little from the enforced 'rest' running is the best exercise for weight loss and the fact that you are doing it is fantastic so be proud of your achievements to date :-) As a gauge, go off how your clothes fit. I still don't know how much I weigh. Just enjoy running its a fantastic thing to be able to do!! :-)

  • Ahh thank you very much Jayne! I know eating rubbish doesn't help but I'm still keeping the running up so that's something!! Starting from tonight tea will be healthier and then I'll work from there, meals out and weekends are relaxed!! Haha! Small steps!

  • Hi there, I'm in week 6 at the moment. I've found that just by making small changes to your diet can make a noticeable difference. I've cut out sugar in my tea and reduced my portion sizes. I've found my clothes are fitting much better, so I don't pay much attention to the scales and the feeling of general well-being is enough to keep me going. I also now find that I'm thinking 'why undo all my hard work by having a huge greasy cheeseburger tonight?!'. Keep up the good work :)

  • Weirdly I've lost several inches off my waist and hips - hurrah - but only a couple of pounds on the scales. I think it's true what others have said, if you want to seriously lose a significant amount of weight too then you have to be careful about diet and not, unfortunately, award yourself a slice of cake for having run. That's my downfall but I am dead pleased at fitting better into my clothes!

  • When I started the plan I didn't really lose any weight but my clothes felt a little looser. After the programme when I increased my distance and used myfitnesspal is when I really saw results, 3stone. As you only have a few lbs to loose I'd say look at completing the plan and just check what you eating and adjust slightly. For example do you spread butter thickly, my fitness pal soon had me spreading more thinly when I realised how many calories I was adding. Small changes can have a great effects. Also portion control on treats helped :-)

  • Wow that's a lot of weight to lose, how can I find myfitnesspal? IV been running fir about 12wks now and need some help now to drop that weight!! Thanks

  • If you have a smart phone then you can download it from your app store. The app gives great functionality but if you don't have a smart phone then you can access it by website at but I think it works best by phone as you will constantly be putting in what you're eating, drinking and the exercise you're doing. The app is free.

  • I will have a look, thanks

  • I haven't lost weight on this plan, I've actually put it on........but have dropped a dress size!!!!!!! Bizarre! But totally agree on ignoring the scales, go on how your clothes feel. I eat what I like (which is a lot!) - I haven't put on what I should have, running definitely keeps it off, but i have a stone or so to lose, so should really try..........but hey, I can't be bothered! I've packed the fags up through this programme......that's enough for now!

  • One step at a time eh Feefbev?

    I really think I'll go clothes then check scales later then, that's the general rule/feeling!

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