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Anyone running for weight loss?

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I've lost 2 stone & it's slowed right down so I'm trying to speed things up & get fit & healthy! Would love to hear from anyone who has lost weight by doing Couch to 5K & can inspire me?! Thank you x

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Hi, I lost just over 1 stone in weight since doing C25K. However more than that I feel great, I now run 3 times a week. I have trimmed up and lost inches all over my body. Some people don't loose any weight on C25K, but the do trim up and loose inches also. You will be healthy and active, that's for sure. Enjoy.

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Well done, 2 stone is amazing!! I wanted to lose weight but haven't.... but I haven't been super strict either! I have lost inches though and firmed up a fair bit all over, probably gone down a clothes size. It's worth measuring yourself to compare inch loss, I wish I had, as it's quite motivational. Good luck, c25k can offer so much, it's really great :)

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JB173 in reply to Fishypieface

That's a great idea, I'll do that! I am worried I'll actually gain weight as my muscles must be retaining fluid, wondering what the hell I am asking them to do!!

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FishypiefaceGraduate in reply to JB173

It might make things still feel worthwhile if weight loss stalls a bit due to some muscle gain. I haven't put any weight on though so hopefully you won't. Plus you sound a lot more disciplined than me!

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JB173 in reply to Fishypieface

I'm really not! I'll keep you posted...💪🏃🏽‍♀️

No matter how slow we go, we're still lapping everyone still on their couch!

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My understanding is that the basal energy required to just stay alive is dependent on existing weight - as we lose weight our basal energy requirement also goes down meaning we have to restrict calories even more to continue losing weight. So we have to restrict/control calories to lose weight - and having then lost weight and started to plateau, we have to further restrict/control calories further. I have lost around 10KG over a few years but have plateaud out also and really would like to lose 5Kg more.

You are correct with controlling calories. Some people make the mistake of restricting too many calories. I've known some people that would give 100% at the gym but still end up gaining weight because he/she isn't eating enough. At a minimum we need 1200 calories per day or else the body goes into starvation mode. Good luck and keep running!

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Bazza1234 is correct, the larger you are, I looked into this as I've large, the more calories you need to maintain a certain weight, exercise and a calorific deficiency WILL make you loose weight BUT when you are into a steady state of running for a length of time your body will adapt and can actually limit weight loss.

You normally lose weight quickly at the start of any diet that's why the TV advert for diets or diet supplements are funny, I lost 18 pounds using x, there is normally a disclaimer along the bottom of the screen telling you over how long.

There are many other factors that aid/retard weight loss, just changing certain foods can be a big game changer too.

Don't always go on what the scales say though, you may lose inches but not much if any weight.

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Hi. I lost just over 2 stone earlier in the year. In June hubbie was taken very ill with an almost too late burst appendix. The stress caused a another half stone to go. With him home and very low I did not move enough and ate loads so regained it. I started Couch to 5 in August. I finished week 6 this morning. I am also 2 weeks into slimming World. I'm loosing again. However the last few weeks my body has changed. I am proud of my leg muscles and my breathing ability. Even if I lost nothing, it has improved my mental and physical state. Go for it. You can do it. It really really is fun.

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JB173 in reply to Libby0

Thank you so much & I hope all is well at home now for you. I am really hoping to be bitten by the running bug as I have honestly never run before in my life!!

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GlossyGraduate in reply to JB173

Another Slimming Worlder here. Someone once told me that weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. I am afraid I think that for me that is true. I'm on week 7 of the c25k plan and I feel that now it's helping with the weigh loss. I was a 1.5 - 2lb a week loss pretty consistently since I started SW (march) but the last two weeks I've had 3lb losses. I'm 10lb away from my target weight so surprised that I am getting those sorts of losses to be honest. I'm sure the running/shuffling is helping but the food is the key.

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I lost an extra stone, having already lost 3 st 7 Ibs at WW, but I kept running regularly and walked a heck of a lot more. I borrowed a dog and still do.

Just keep moving while maintaining a healthy diet and that's it 👍💪🙂✔️

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JB173 in reply to misswobble

Wow! Well done, that is some weight loss & I know how hard it it. I think everyone is right, far less about what the scales say & much more about how you look & feel. I remember a trainer saying to me once that the world was full of skinny 'fat' people who didn't think they had a problem because they were slim. Their vital signs & stats were rubbish though because they were so unfit. 💪🏃🏽‍♀️☺

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