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W7R1 - Good news day!

Well, the last time I went out, I failed this run miserably, so I decided to return to my tried and tested route which is a track through the countryside with no hills to get in my way and no directions to choose, just a straight out and back in again.

I had a bit of a technology fail with my little Ipod Shuffle that I run with, and I couldn't for the life of me navigate to the start of the Week 7 podcast, so I decided to listen to W6R3 as an alternative and it proved to be the right decision as it kept me going. Having already managed it, I had the mental advantage of knowing that I could complete it as well.

The funny thing is, is that I mentally compose my posts onto this forum to distract myself from my running, but by the time I get round to writing it I've forgotten what I wanted to say!

It was lovely to hear Laura tell me how proud she was of me again, and also to hear her say that I was now a 'runner'!

And now I'm off to sort out my Ipod, so that I can hear the full W7 podcast in all its glory on Tuesday!

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Great news, Cockienoodle. From W6 onwards the battles are mainly mental and you have got the right approach to lick 'em all. Well done.


Well done on conquering the run. The one before wasent a fail just a bad run. I did the same run today as well. I loved being told that I am a runner as well.


Feels so good to think we're now runners after not even being able to run for 60 seconds without gasping for breat at the beginning.I can relate to the problems with not finding your place on the podcasts such a fiddle when you're running lol. I 'll think of you on Tuesday when i also give week a try :)


Well done; it really is a mental thing at this point isn't it?


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