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Go for it!!

I have really struggled with these last few days with the weather getting much so I have put off my morning running till the evening...then I have all manner of excuses not to..

So this morning I knew I had to go early as my on call started at 8...I could see from my bed that there was no light coming through the curtains at 6 and I just wanted to go back to sleeping panther mode.

However I reminded myself how good it makes me feel, how disappointed I would be if I didn't and that I can't go later as on call still...

So I got out, it was beautiful, all nice and crisp with the promise of Autumn lingering in the air. Not many cars abut so I could run on the road as its flatter. I saw a owner..bit scared as I was in the middle of nowhere...I had visions of a crazy man leaping out at me..I have a vivid imagination!!

I also decided to take water as I think I suffer due to dehydration as I don't generally take it.

Anyway 10k in 1 hour and 5 minutes, not beating my PB but that wasn't my intention, it just felt great to get back to panthering again.... so I would encourage you all to Go For it...the darker weather is not going to beat us!!

Happy Saturday everone and happy panthering



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Well done for staying motivated and fitting it in for an 8am start and a good time too - well on track for your HM. i have to say when walking the dogs this morning - there was a distinct chill in the air - brrr. Been thinking about the hydration - but I don't like running with a bottle - so considering my options.

Happy running:-)


Thankyou... And yes wasn't it lovely this morning...I think you can get something called a camel ( not the toe!!) which holds water in a back pack?? That might be an idea??


Ha - v amusing- I had forgotten about the camel (not toe) back pack - will investigate! Way behind you a the moment - up to about 6k - but still progressing :-)


I ran with a cheap knock of version of a camelbak while in Serbia, rubbed my neck something chronic, but would have been in trouble without it (and the 2 bottles I was carrying) due to the heat. It depends on the distance and the heat, but you might find the bum bags with a water bottle carrier built in is better.


Lovely story JuJu - well done for getting out there and showing them who's da boss innit?!! I cannot for the life of my understand how anyone can run 10K like you did today. How do you mentally get past the "5K is my limit" barrier? But I bet you felt good afterwards right?

I'm not looking forward to running in the dark cold mornings. It will be a new experience for me so I might have to buy new NEON running gear with flashing lights! Now THERE'S a thought.....



I think the dark times will be good, we have to give it an uplifting edge... For me, a head torch which is fun to flash at cars and grumpy types, dances whenever I want as no one can see... being more aware of our senses as to what's about , in true panther style...

I'm sticking with my trusty ( kinder to the fugure) black avec a bit of panther accessorisations... flashing collar and cuffs should nail it...

As for the 10k I give myself milestones... Church, downhill to get breath back, halfway silky Steve lets me walk for a minute... Etc Then I just think of my poached eggs waiting to make me run home!!!

Sorry that was a bit long winded but I'm at the hairdressers and I'm bored stiff so I'm having fun blogging !!


Phew - all credit for running in the dark, and so early. While I realise you have to be in black while in panther mode I hope you also have a good reflective fluorescent top or jacket for the roads - there are some loony drivers out there...

10k first thing on a Saturday morning - what a great start to the weekend. :)

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Thank you Landesman... And yes you are right ... And ut was great to get out there!!

A good excuse to go shopping for new stuff!! I hope you are ok??


I'm fine, thanks - just on the running couch at the moment :(


I have switched from mornings to evenings again. Can't seem to make my mind up. Running with a bottle is ok but it can be a tad annoying.

Glad silky Steve is still with you. Hope the haircut was a good as you wanted


Gosh, well done on another successful run. I love Autumn its my favorite time of year. i love breathing in the cold crisp air that catches at the back of your throat. Looking forward to frosty morning runs.


Well done Juicy for getting out there when you'd prefer to stay cosy in bed. It's a great attitude, that will stand you in good stead for the dark times ahead!

I'm with you on the water too as I don't take it and will from now on as starting to get headaches on long runs.


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