Couch to 5K

Loving it!

After a poor run last Thursday I decided to repeat w5r2 instead of tackling the 20 minute milestone. Oh how I wish I had been braver! I decided to avoid the multitude of football kids at the park so tried a new run through the trees.

It was gently rising on my way out, which was why I puffed harder than usual, but on the way back I was disappointed why Laura told me to slow down. How awesome is that. Now I know that if I follow the same route next time the last part of the 20 mins will be doable - it's a great mental boost for me. Wish I could go out tomorrow instead of waiting for Monday!

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WHOAHHHHHH GIRL!!! Autumn has arrived with happy running all round, but do take your rest before W5R3 because you want to enjoy it. Take it steady and you will be buzzing on Monday, like never before.

Good luck.

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Well done - at this stage when I started to get longer runs under my belt - I was impatient to fit the runs in- so I can progress. But your body needs the rest days.

Well done and good luck Monday :-)


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