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What a difference the cooler weather makes :)

I have been a bit dispirited lately my last few runs I was unable to do 5k without stopping and I was absolutely exhausted. The last run only managing 10 mins. Also I have a bit of what I think is sciatica which is not so painful as such just makes my leg feel tingly and heavy. But as it cooler today I thought I try a run, forced myself out.. and it went really well. :) I went back to Laura and thought it was week 9 but it had jumped to week 6, no matter I wasn't going to stop to sort it so just carried on running. By the end of my 5k measured distance I felt so good and I thought run further so carried on for a little, but didn't want to push it. Even my leg feels better, still a little sore but nothing to stop me.

I'm so pleased I'm back into running now. Thought I'd lost it. Bring on 10K.. :)

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Cool is goood! But only for running. Glad you are feeling more positive, it makes a great difference to break through a barrier doesn't it :0)


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