Everything annoyed me tonight. My socks were rubbing my little toe, my laces were rubbing the top of my foot, my hair band kept moving, my bra strap was too tight, my knickers kept going up (tmi I'm sorry!!) my ear phone wire kept getting in my way, my phone strap was rubbing my arm, stupid free U2 album that I really must take off my iPhone kept playing!!! Argh!!!!! So annoying!

But. I FINISHED WEEK TWO!! never in a million years did I think I'd run for 3 hours over 2 weeks (not 3 full hours but still) and still live to tell the tail! I'm dreading next week. I honestly don't think I'll be able to do it. It's like every other 90 seconds (this week) I struggle with the last 20 seconds or so. What if I can't complet week 3, do I go back to week 2, when I should be on week 4, then try week 3 the week when I should be doing week 5? Can't believe I might have to go back a week so early on. Id say I feel like a failure but I don't. I getting off my backside and working 100* harder than people sitting on the sofa. And I knew how unfit I was when I started and I can see a difference in how long it takes me to get out of breath now. I've not lost any weight yet, but I know that might take a while to start. The main reason is to get fitter. Xx


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  • I started reading your post and thought it was going to finish with a fail - BUT YOU DID IT - despite everything else you have finished week 2 ...well done and feel proud! Listen to Laura and it becomes mind over matter, I didn't think I could do it either but you are right, the breathing does get easier which is a sign that you are getting fitter. You may not lose weight but you will see your body shape changing. Keep going you will be able to do each week as you get there πŸ˜€

  • Thank you :) I'm so proud of myself for not just packing it in. I'm not throwing away the last 2 weeks. And crazy as it sounds it's nice to be out on my own with nowhere to go and not have a pram nappies food drink wipes clothes toys and the kitchen sink in my bag!

    You're right. Suppose I don't know if I can't do it until I give it a go. And if I'm back here in a week saying I need to repeat week 3 then so what?! Least I'm enjoying myself! :)

  • Hey , you finished it ! As long as you complete a run you can move on, I know it seems hard but little by little you are getting fitter and you will find that you become capable of the next run in line as if by magic. One thing...are you going slowly enough ? A SLOW jog is all that is needed at the beginning to get your body used to the running motion. You really only need to repeat a run if you haven't been able to complete it, and then only the troublesome run not the whole week. You'll be fine, you've made a really good start, take it slow and steady and W3 will be out of the way before you know it.

  • Yeah. I sorted out my pace after getting crazy stitches. Slowed right down. I'm doing 3.5k from start to finish. Is that about slow enough?

  • It depends,. Can you talk while you're running ? You should be able to do that.

  • Erm. I think so. It would properly be 1 or 2 word answers. lol

  • Ha ha , I love this post !

    Well done , you had all sorts of mishaps going on there , but you showed lots of grit and determination and saw it through to the end . Good for you !

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • What are you on about!!! You've done great so far - finishing your runs with all those irritations trying to make you stop. You'll be okay with wk3 - it's all designed to help you progress and every week you tend to think you can't do it - but I bet you thought that about the first run. Good luck

  • I am currently on week 3. Third run this weekend. I posted the same feeling of dread about moving up s week and I do every week but I have done it. I have done the 3 minutes running and it's only in my head it messed up! If I can do it, you can! Look forward to you posting W3r1!

  • I agree with everyone. Believe in yourself and start your run saying I can do it. I'm always worried I can't do the next week when it steps up but I always have and I'm in the early obese category of weight. Somehow it just happens. I keep talking to myself saying, "come on, keep going, nearly done!" I can do 5 mins now (wk4 just finished) 😊 keep going and you will too!

  • Thanks people!! I'll let you know how I get on on Sunday! Or possibly Monday depending on how busy the weekend is lol. I know I can do this! I couldn't run 90 seconds 2 weeks ago. What's 3 minutes!! Lol. Xx

  • You feel apprehensive at the end of every week, but it's designed to work and believe me, it does. Really. I'm up to the last run of week 7 on Sunday, and I started off very unfit after 28 years of complete inactivity. From gasping for breath after 60 seconds of effort, I'm now up to 25 minutes - I wouldn't have believed I could do it when I started. Enjoy the run and trust yourself - you can do it!

  • Well done you! We all have runs where everything seems to be out to get you! But you carried on and finished anyway :) I remember those feelings of exhilaration at having completed a week only to be replaced with nervousness about how I would feel about the next week. Trust in Laura and she will get you where you need to be for the next week. Slow and steady is key. Happy running :)

  • Wow! So many doubts....... Don't be so hard on yourself. Like you said you've already done 3 hours of the programme. That's so great. When I first started I ran on my own and had no idea if I was running fast enough or too slowly. Laura says "just a light jog" but I didn't know really what that meant. I asked my husband to watch me run to see how I was doing. I was going far too fast, really struggling to finish. So I really slowed down, finished tired but not exhausted and relaxed a lot more not feeling under so much pressure wondering if I could continue into the next week. Relax, trust the programme and go with the flow!!! You can do it.

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