I made it to GRADUATION!!!

I made  it  to GRADUATION!!!

Hiya wonderful forum :)

I done it and in glorious style !! I'm sat here happy tears running down my cheeks :)

Today was the most amazing day.. I am soooo proud of myself.. !!

It's taken since 12th of February.. it's been a truly amazing journey for me.. from deciding to take those first steps of the program..

How tough was that first run!! It was the toughest!!!

Every run after..was sheer determination.... hard work , sweat and pain.. but somehow something inside me changed:)

I found inner strength I never knew I had..

I found this forum and the inspiration and courage.. I made some great friends..every story..everyone's flights to get through.. just made it seem impossible to fail.. that just was no longer an option!

So the runner in me was born:) and today.. Omg today I really ran.. I ran because it was graduation day.. I ran because of you all.. I ran coz I knew the gremlins had gone into hiding!!

Everything I learned was for the taking :)somehow today I knew I had to reach deeper..I wanted that 5k... 2k in and I struggled it had all been really tough.. then I let your words sink in.. I pulled it back.. I slowed it down.. I didn't care how slow I was.. I was running.. I was going to graduate...

Then it just happened.. it stopped hurting.. the sun came out..my music tempo slowed and I knew I was going to go for it.. I knew then I was reaching for the 5k...

It just felt right..

As I turned the corner on the feild there in front on the hill were a beautiful herd of cattle.. thier beautiful coats gleaming in the sunshine :) I had reached 4k... I was comfortable and smiling..and had to stop the happy tears there and then..

Now I was running for glory!! Today I graduated and you were all there with me.. thankyou all.. I can't tell you how much this means to me.. you all know xxx I've made a small gesture of thanks and I'm so sorry if I've missed anyone.. but you all are.were with me all the way xxx


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  • I made the 5k !!! Lol

  • Aww great post. Happy tears are expected and allowed. Congratulations, you've worked hard for this.

  • Thankyou!

  • Yeah! Almost brought a tear to my eye. Hope I feel the same elation you obviously felt. Congratulations, onwards and upwards, see you on the other side of w9r3 tomorrow x

  • You will..enjoy.. I will be there at the finish line x

  • Congratulations Sparky, very well earned x

  • Thanks

  • Fantastic post.

    Well done and many congratulations.

  • Thanks

  • Congratulations. Brought a tear to my eyes too. Well done!

  • Thankyou

  • Well done! :)

  • Thanks

  • Fantastic, so excited for you. Well done.

  • Thankyou

  • Absolutely brilliant sparky66 really well done and congratulations on graduating 😊

    It is an emotional roller coaster, watch out "J" word coming, journey 😊

    A great run to graduate πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Ooh slow rob..I'm sorry you should have been on my poster.. Thanks for your brilliant encouragement x

  • You are very welcome sparky no thanks needed all down to your hard work, enjoy your celebrations 😊

  • Woopee my badge is here!! Wow shiney badge..you sure look good!!!

  • Blimey ! Im welling up here !

    What an amazing post , thankyou so much for my mention ! Oh Sparky, you can just feel the sheer joy radiating from your post , absolutely brilliant !

    You suffered a horrible setback with your injury, but did you give up ? - No chance !

    I am genuinely so so pleased for you , you have been so committed and your hard work and determination has paid off big time .

    Many Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation ! This is so well deserved and well earned and it is so plain to see how much this means to you and your badge looks amazing , really suits you !

    Enjoy the rest of your day, this is just the beginning of your running journey. The skys the limit for you now .

    Happy Running and I hope you love wherever your running takes you from here :-) xxx

  • See.. you are so inspiring! Thankyou.. I had to laugh.. not long after I got in from my run.. the doc called with the results of my MRI.. I can't even remember what he said.. bla bla bla.. fracture.. specialist..just to be on the safe side.. lol but what I do remember is telling him is I just ran 5k and completed the c25k.. lol..he must have thought.. mad woman.. she will be hobbling back to see me soon enough.. but no I won't.. I've got the best medicine here x

  • Ooh sparky what a beautiful, inspiring post. I've been watching out for this and hoped the little scary sniffle didn't come to anything and I'm delighted to see that it didn't! A huge well done to you and many, many congratulations. You've had a few setbacks and this has made your success sweeter. Your post radiates joy and dare I say a splash of addiction πŸ€— (Welcome to THAT club!)

    Thank you so much for my mention. But you did all the hard work and your perseverance paid off. That badge looks mighty fine on you πŸŽ–Wear it with much pride.

  • Ahh hiya IP.. OOH I am well and truly hooked!!! Honestly it just came together.. as though.. I had just put everything together I've learned .. let myself do it.. loved it so much today.. I'm so amazed what we can achieve :) magic!!! X

  • Well done.

  • Well done, your post has put a smile on my face and a tear of happiness twinkling in my eye. You must be feeling so proud. One day soon (4weeks hopefully) I'll be able to write a post like yours.


  • Sparky's made it - hurray🌹Despite injury, despite seeing all her team mates running off into the distance and graduating without her. No, she gritted her teeth and came back as soon as she could - stronger than ever. And now she's a graduate! Bottle that feeling! Really proud of you and pleased for you - you've deserved this!

  • Ohh JSee..yes it was so frustrating at the time.. and I was such a moany patient on that IC.. but you know something.. without that lesson.. It wouldn't have been the same journey.. I'm glad to have took every step! I'm looking forward to continuing with you all x

  • Where have I been the last couple of hours?!!!

    Come back and feel like a very proud mum :)

    HUGE congratulations and well done. You are SO thoughtful with your poster too, what a lovely touch xx

    Glad you made it, and really happy for you that you made the 5k too... Next stop 10???

    Keep posting, you have been such an inspiration, long may it continue xxx

  • Hey hiya.. great to see you home (mum) yeah definitely one day the 10k ... got the race for life next goal.. so will work on keeping strong just enjoying today so much.. thankyou x have a great day

  • Aww Sparky what a brilliant post - huuuuuuuge congrats to you!!!!! Love your grad poster and seeing the badge next to your name. . Enjoy celebrating !!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thanks

  • Yahoo, you did it! πŸ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Congratulations, graduate!

    There are no words to express how happy I am for you. :)

    It's been a real pleasure following your progress and now I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter. πŸ˜‰

  • Ahh my friend :) you've been brilliant and I thank you so much! You gave me pixies to conquer those gremlins!! Sprinkled lots of laughter along the way.. x you will get that step up..soon!!! X

  • I'm happy I could cheer you up along the way, but you are the one who put in all the hard work. ;)

    And *you* gave yourself pixies, by finding the inner strength to summon them; the merit is all yours.

  • Brilliant - and what a pace! Well done :-).

  • Yeah yatesco.. now to go find your post to put on my stats! :p

  • Congratulations, what a lovely post :)

  • I'm so excited for you!!!! WELL DONE!! It's been fun watching you progress - we all let out a collective sigh of disappointment when you were IC bound and a little joy jump when you were back! Well done sparky, it's great to see your perseverance and commitment pay off. YIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!

  • Thankyou!! You won't be far behind.. I will go look see how well you are doing

  • Knocked back again with a cold! It's a nightmare trying to fend off two illnesses at once! still 2 more runs to go - 1 planned for tomorrow night and grad run on Sunday. Itching to get out there!

  • Well done, sparky! Great photo, great badge, great day :)

  • Thanks mate!!

  • Ooh yeah..I have push ups yet to conquer!!

  • Yeay☺ All the way..go you..amazing journey..Huge Congratulations... I was a bit teary too reading your post!

    Badge is looking good on you...cannot wait to see where you go next☺ x

  • Hiya oldfloss.. I smiled and thought of you..when I turned the corner and 2was met with the /beautiful heard of cattle.. that moment shone!! Thankyou for everything x

  • That was the exact bit that got me going..I could just see you..running away like mad..and.seeing those lovely cows! Knowing that you were going to make it,even after setbacks..you just bask in the glory..you really do deserve it☺

    New paths to run, new sights to see.,new records to break..who knows where you'll be !

    A little rhyme...just for you x

  • Congratulations. I wish I had read your post before moaning about my run. It's inspirational and reading back through your journey you should rightly be very proud. Enjoy πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • You will find it.. soon x keep going :)

  • Congratulations! Well done :-)

  • Very Well Done :)

  • Yay yay yay congratulations! I had no doubt you could do it :) the badge suits you.

    I'm so touched to hear my journey has helped yours too...it's a solo journey but a team effort :) so proud of you!

  • Thankyou shivani x

  • Congratulations! Your lovely post had me welling up...now go out there and keep on running!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€

  • What now? Lol.. yes I will keep it up :) x

  • What a lovely post - many congratulations on achieving 5k and graduating. Your post made me feel very emotional (happy for you but also reliving that moment of joy). I never ceased to be amazed by the determination and inner strength that we can draw upon, with help from family, friends and the wonderful folk on this forum! Keep posting your progress......

  • Thank you skysue... it's been an amazing time.. long may be able to continue x

  • Fabby fabby fabby fanbloomintastic news sparky! Welcome to the club, you are wonderful.

    I love your rosette & poster too, I fell very honoured to be included on it.

    What a wonderful post & those happy tears are so well deserved!

    Onwards & upwards now? Happy happy running you graduate! Xx

  • Ohhh la la..I'm a graduate.. Ooh feeling shattered now.. but thanks Noaki x x

  • Aww Sparky, I'm so pleased for you. It's been a long old road but it's been worth every minute and every kilometre. They do say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger;we grow and learn as we overcome the obstacles life throws at us. Enjoy your triumph, you so deserve it! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ†πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

  • Thankyou.. and yes today I feel I could achieve whatever I put my mind to x

  • Well that is fantastic, it is such an achievement and a transformation into a runner. Well done, we look forward to hearing about your runs as a graduate. Congratulations!

  • Awesome - well done :)

  • Thankyou :)

  • Oh well done you, you must have some amazing determination! Anything is achievable now, congratulations :-)

  • Congratulations Sparky66😊

    What a fantastic graduation run you had too.. just reading about it took me right back to that lovely 'graduation feeling'...

    You deserve your lovely new badge and I hope you carry on posting details of your next running adventures. Go you.😁xx

  • Aww lovely post Sparky! mega congratulations, you did it! I'm so chuffed to see my name up there! You know, even 2 years on, my forum buddies are right there with me when I run - we are Team C25K. Happy running xx

  • Thanks curlygirl.. yes team c25k :) x

  • Ohhh AWESOME! What a fab poster and what a fab person you are! I have "met" many amazing people on this forum and lady, you are right up there on my superstars podium!

    Bloody well done :o)

  • Ahh been so waiting for you to see I'd eventually made it Pam!! We started out together.. we had a laugh .. we had our injurys along the way.. we made it.. I wanted to share our joy again!! ... I was so proud and envious when you sped off into the distance.. lol... IF ever there is a Preston 5k .. I'm up for it :p

  • Awwww, you soppy h'apporth :o)

    Once my leg is ok again (and because you've come through your injury, I know I will too) we could go for one of these..?



    They're ace, the only downside is no voddy's the night before ;o)


  • Brava!!

    A HUGE achievement- well done you😊

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