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W3 Run 3: The Run that made me think I can do this!

I've just completed W3R3 - and man, it feels good! I'll admit after W3R2, I was convinced I couldn't do it - bad weather, slightly different route (due to the weather), breaking in new trainers and a really dodgy toe nail - all added up to me not running the full 3 minutes on either repetition but tonight it was completely different. Thanks to the advice on here, I dropped my pace for the 3 minute section so whilst I've not gone as far distance wise, I've managed to run for 3 minutes straight. Twice!!!

I also think I've caught a bug - the running bug - I've been itching to get my trainers on all day at work and I'm so glad I have done! Can't decide whether to repeat the run again (to check tonight isn't a fluke!) or to bite the bullet and go for W4R1 on Thursday...

sorry for rambling, I'm just had to share! :)

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Well done you! Must be something in the air tonight as I has same feeling w my run!! I'd say crack on with W4-sounds like you're ready :)


Okay I am dejavuing now. Another couple of addicts in the making.

Go for it.


Go for it! You will be fine, just pace yourself and enjoy the feeling of achievement at the end. It's great when you get the running bug!


Excellent - well done you! It's not a fluke, you've put in the dedication, you've worked for it and you've achieved it - it's all down to you and your hard work. I'd say (although I'm no expert) go for week 4 - you can do it! Well done again!!


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