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Knee 'gave way'. What's that all about?

I've graduated twice (!) on c25k and, since July, have gradually been increasing distance to try and reach 5.5 miles by my 55th birthday.

Last Friday 23/8 I did 5 miles. All good.

On Wednesday 28/8 went out for 30 minute run and around the 7 minute mark, my left knee just completely gave way.

Stopped and assessed my self, no pain, so carried on. It happened four times in 20 minutes!

I've been running for about 18 months, off and on, and have never had any problems with my knees.

There is no pain and no swelling.

Have not run since, but unsure what to do next.

Any ideas.

So close to my goal. 55th birthday is Sept 8, by the way.

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No idea what might be causing it, but I'd suggest seeing a podiatrist that looks at biomechanics to assess what's happening.

I'm impressed by what you've achieved - I haven't managed 5 miles yet and I'm more than a decade younger!

Hope you get it sorted and are able to hit your goal next weekend :-)


Thanks Honorsmum.

Might go and see physio tomorrow at little local private hospital. It's self referral so won't have to go through GP who'll probably say"don't run"!

Won't run till I've spoken to physio.

Thanks again x


Sounds like a great idea. Let us know what the physio says - fingers crossed it's nothing major.x


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