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C25k and S&F combined, not really working for me!

I started the strength and flexibility podcasts on my rest days, but I'm finding that my muscles are so sore the next day that it makes running (and everyday stuff) very uncomfortable. I'm sure it means that the exercises are working but my left Achilles' tendon is really hurting today! :(

I think I'm probably not warming up properly, or not enough, but I also found the podcasts to be really slow. Does anyone else find this? The exercises are fine, but I get quite impatient waiting for the instructions!

Today I completed week 5 run 1 and I incorporated some of the arm warm-up exercises into the walking bits just for good measure, but soon there won't be any walking bits to do this!

So I'm looking for something else to improve my flexibility on my rest days. I've ordered a beginners Pilates DVD so will try that first. Anyone else doing this or something similar?

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I've just started adding things in at the end of the run. It means I have to get up a bit earlier but I am trying to learn to do burpees. I am doing the beginning version. Instead of trying to find time to do them on rest days I add in 4 attempts after my stretches straight after my run. I am hoping this will help to tone up my upper body as well. You could also just try some of the individual exercises from stregth and flex as stand alone routines at the end. Say one exercise after evey run that way you do all the body work but not much time and you will be nicely warmed up after the run.


Have you tried going for a swim ?


Thanks Realfoodieclub, I might give that a go as I usually do some stretches at the end of the run anyway.

Did think about swimming but due to time/kids/car/distance to pool I'm not sure I could manage it. Would be ideal though, something low impact. We're hoping to move house soon so hopefully there'll be a pool in range.


I did S&F during the 5X50 challenge on alternate days, and now they are part of my life-style. Yes, at first lactic acid can be a problem. Why not wait to start when you have graduated? By then your body will be really used to running at least 1 and a half hours a week and core-muscle work etc. will just build on that. Good luck!


Thanks! Will look to it again once I graduate.


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