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C25K+ podcast download problem

I am sorry if this has been covered somewhere else already, but I can't find it.

I have tried to download the new podcasts from itunes, but I only get the two podcasts titled stepping 'Stepping Stone'. I do not get the 'Speed' or the 'Stamina' podcasts.

The first tim that I tried, I got podcasts with the Speed and Stamina labels, but when I played them, they were actually from the 'Strength and Flexibility' series of podcasts.

I deleted them all and re-downloaded them so that I have the full original C25k series, the full Strength and Flexibility series and just the Stepping Stone podcasts from C25k+.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, I'm having awful problems. C25K disappeared completely from my iPhone (3), I successfully downloaded the whole of C25K+ and then Stepping Stones disappeared (and I had run it so I must have had it) I downloaded that again, and tried to download Speed but it never quite seems to get there. Last time I wanted to use it, and ITunes showed it as downloaded, it had gone again.

I have all of Strength and Flexibility though - which is ironic because I don't have anywhere suitable to do them.


I downloaded them all from iTunes yesterday with no problems (once I figured out they wouldn't all download with one click and I had to do each separately).


I do not understand my problem. When I try to download them, it shows that they are downloading.

I get them in my list of podcasts, but when I play the 'Speed' or 'Stamina' podcasts, the audio is for one of the 'Strength & Flexibility' podcasts.

After you downloaded them, did you listen to them to make sure that they were the right podcasts? I don't doubt that you did, I just want to make sure that this is completely working for you.


I did the speed podcast with Laura today, it was the right one.

I've just gone into iTunes on the computer (my downloaded bit, not the store) and the stamina and stepping stones seem to be right as well (though after listening to what we're going to be doing I don't fancy doing them).


OK, I don't understand my problem, because I tried again with the same result for me.

I know that different countries have different Itunes, som maybe that is the problem

Thank you for your help.


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