Juicyju's eventful Bristol 10k!!

Juicyju's eventful Bristol 10k!!

The main reason I put 'eventful' is because some of you may have seen my traumas with the lost race pack!!!

We arrived incredibly early and luckily just gave me a new racepack at which point I nearly cried I was so happy. I don't know why but I've been so excited about this race.... Husband was being nice and helpful ( guilt due to racepack incident!!!). Met a lovely man in the cafe who does ultras and has only been running for 18 months!! He was explaining that its a different outlook on an ultra...you can take walk breaks, chat, take it all in as its more of a journey. I knew it...he put his finger on exactly the reason why I want to do ultras.....

It was wet and rainy, and helpful husband managed to get a bin bag for me from the cafe to adorn myself with. They actually keep you nice and warm, so worth remembering to bring one for future races....

I was near the front for my wave and the build up was incredible, lots of yelling and excitement....we all counted down from 10 to 1 before the big start. I had a viking type man next to me covered in tatoos, so I just smiled up at him knowing full well he'd belt off as soon as we went!! ( he did!!).

I started off with speed as planned and that was great at pacing me. I did my first k in 5 mins 33 secs so that felt good. After that I slowed a bit, but never under 6 minutes per k. I sped up at 6k and got my water, I chucked half of it over me which felt delicious!! The last 3 k's there were loads of crowds and I just zoned out on them. I was saying my mantra ( in my head!!) and imagining my hunter chasing after me with his big gun...so I panthered along at a good steady pace until 9k...'come on Ju, nearly there'. I just pushed and ran, and focussed, then sprinted the last 300 metres.... I felt a bit 'headrushy' at the end, and got an energy drink quickly!!

So....I did it in 56 minutes and 52 seconds ( my official time)...I am sooooo happy, and thats a new PB for me too.

I am a very happy panther....the pic is me at the end looking a bit gormless but v proud!!

Happy panthering everyone...



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  • Jeez you made me cry, such enthusiasm, well done ( i am sure I would have killed my OH by way !! )

  • believe you me...I nearly did ( thats why he was so nice!!!!)

  • Really we'll done juicyju! You are my heroine I love your posts. Keep panthering x

  • Oh thank you...that means the world xx

  • Fantastic stuff, and what a thrill. I was out 10k-ing myself last night so only read your race pack posts this morning, can just imagine the horror and panic. But all's well that ends well!

  • You did soooo well... And yes, I could have killed him !!

  • Woooooo! Brilliant stuff, JuJu! A really great time and you had a tremendous day from the sounds - and look- (love the photo!) of it! :-) it's things like this, great achievements, which are inspirational and help spur me on and get me signing-up for races too. Very well done indeed! :-)

  • You rock Sir Miles- Yonder... You will leave female panthers for dust in your races I'm sure :)

  • *blush* You'll have me going bright red soon! Thank you though! If it wasn't for the likes of your fine self and the other inspirational peoples on here, I'm not sure I'd have signed-up for races in the first place! As ever, you panthered marvellously today and once more, well done! :-)

  • Well done JuicyJu great time. Was thinking of you as I was running Glasgow and used your mantra PTB PTB on the uphill section at about 8km. We had the most amazing weather - the heavy rain on the drive to Glasgow (we are about 75 miles away) just lifted and the sun was shining down for the entire race - thank goodness in the park that there was a bit of shade. Was raining again as we headed DoonHame afterwards so really really lucky.

  • You did fantastically, it sounds amazing....

  • Congratulations on a great run and a great PB. Your description of the race made me feel like I was watching and cheering you on. Fab photo too. Well done x

  • Oh... Thank you so so much!

  • Congratulations. Can't imagine doing 10k myself and definitely not a run in public!

  • One year ago I used to laugh at people that would do that. Now I get it and I don't care what people think... I'm happy in my zone :)

    You do whatever feels comfortable...

  • Congratulations and a fantastic time. Love it that you take us on the journey with you. Enjoy your celebrations.

  • Thank you ...

  • Great well done a lovely achievement. It is only here that people totally 'get' are enthusiasm and the milestones we set ourselves. You looked great by the way:-) .

    Working on speed myself at the moment!!

  • I know... And thank you x

  • Congratulations - and a great time.

  • Thank you!!

  • Congrats on a great run - make sure the hubby treats you after his "tidying" incident. My cousin's boyfriend and an old school friend also ran the Bristol 10k today and a big well done to them too!

  • Oh wow!!! And I'm just happy I did it :)

  • Massive congratulations Fantastic time Great pic You look so happy Way to go

  • Thank you...

  • Congratulations :-)

  • Congratulations!! What a fantastic time!! I heard about a zombie app the other day that is supposed to help with speed - for the obvious! Perhaps you could devise a panther one!! Really happy all went well, love your pic! :)

  • Great time and a great run JuJu! Let us know where the race pack eventually comes to light!

  • Congratulations juicyju , so glad all turned out well in the end . You did great. Congratulations

  • You always write such great posts JJ. Have so missed them. Brilliant success. Really well done. You look so happy in the photo.

    But have you found the race pack yet?

  • Well done Ju, fantastic result ! Your enthusiasm just shines through your posts , many, many congratulations to you :-) xxxx

  • Brilliant ...well done Ju Ju, fab time ,fab pic...I see no gormless person - just a happy,satisfied runner :)

    So glad everything worked out well after last night's drama xx

  • Well done, a great race and a new PB. No wonder you feel so pleased - you deserve to. Have a good rest now and a celebration if you feel up to (or a quiet night in). Keep panthering and inspiring the rest of us. With very best wishes.

  • Great time, fantastic post. Well done. Photo looks really good. It's good to see the happy face of pride. We are having such a good week of achievements on here this week.

  • Congratulations JJ - what an amazing time! It was a brilliant event - well worth getting up at 6:15 for!

  • Well done JuicyJu. Great time especially with all the pre-race trauma too. In sure you could get one of those shower capes that might be less sweaty than a bin bag ... and a bit more attractive! Keep up the good work.

  • Inspiring post. Great run and times. Big pat on back. Go- JuJu!

  • Congratulations...Sounds like you had a great day! Your tale of the race sounds so similar to my first 10k race last week (minus the race pack bit)... Even down to the water and wearing it rather than drinking it... And I finished in a sprint (it was downhill) and got a new PB in 56 mins 57 secs...

    Don't know about you, but I felt soo good afterwards... A real buzzzzz.. Will keep an eye on your times... I am in another 10k this Sunday in Reading, so will see... ;)

  • Well done Ju, that's fantastic. You look so pleased, its a lovely photo. Love your posts, they always make me feel I can do more and to keep trying. x

  • Well done I was away at the weekend so intermittent logging on, was holding my breath for you as you had lost your number well done on a fantastic time :) you should be very proud

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