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30 Day Shred - The End

Well it's taken me 60 days (aka 2 months) to finally complete the Shred but I've done it! Day Ten of Level 3 was yesterday and after not doing a run on Thursday (felt properly crap all over and my right thigh was aching like an achy thing), I was a bit worried I wasn't going to be able to do it. But when I got up yesterday morning, I felt OK and was determined to finish it.

So Level 3 has a harder warm up, with Jump Rope and Butt Kicks to get the cardio going ASAP. I like the idea of Walking Planks but sadly I still have to do the easy version, on my knees - hopefully one day I'll have enough arm strength to do them properly. I feel like a right idiot doing the Supermans but they do work! The Plié Squats are a firm favourite now that my right knee doesn't niggle any longer - I can feel the move doing my legs and bum a whole load of good. I had to pause the DVD for a few seconds after the Pike Crunches so that I could do all of the Scissor Crunches without stopping - those are a real killer and you can feel the strain through your legs, lower back and abs. Hard but sooooo good! Then onto Dumbbell Clean and Press alternated with Lunges - fairly easy moves unless you do the advanced Jumping Lunges (umm, no thanks!). Then a good old cardio interval with Shadow Boxing, Butt Kicks and Jump Rope (Jillian does Jumping Jacks but I substitute these with Jump Rope) using weights. Then on to some old school Sit Ups (ooh how I wish I could do them properly like Natalie can!) followed by Plank Rows with Leg Raises and Travelling Push Ups. It took me a few days to get the co-ordination right for the Plank Rows though! Then some Jump Squats and Rock Star Jumps (substituted with Jump Rope again) for the last bit of cardio, with Side Plank Raises to finish.

Phew! It's a challenge, I'm not going to lie about that and despite some grumbles and lack of motivation on a few occasions, I did all of the workouts without missing any. I did have to pause the DVD a couple of times, but that was just to get my breath back before continuing on to the next move - I didn't miss out any of the exercises. Yes, I did do Jump Rope instead of some of the moves Jillian did, but it's still cardio so I don't think it matters that much. The main concern I had with some of the moves, was the impact on my knees (I didn't want them to get hurt as I was running on the other days) and so I think I did the right thing by doing an alternative instead.

So in conclusion, I've had a thoroughly fab time with Jillian, Anita and Natalie and if you can get past the naff music, corny Americanisms and pain, then I think the 30 Day Shred is a fab, all over body workout. I can't say that I've lost any weight or that I'm "ripped" because I haven't and I'm not!. I do have improved muscle definition on my lower arms and shoulders (but still have those stubborn "bingo wings") and my BF tells me I've lost a lot of "back fat" but most importantly, I can feel that my thighs and bum are more toned. I also have started to feel my abs, especially around the side (obliques?) even if I can't see them yet! Unfortunately there's been no weight loss as I have been eating FAR too much but hopefully that's something I can address once we get back from holiday. As for now, I'm going to switch my routine around and run Mon / Weds /Fri instead and do 30DS twice a week, with an option to do a workout on the weekend.

Sorry for the long winded blog but this is kind of a pat on the back for me - I can't believe I've stuck with it! Next target - get back to doing 30 min runs and then the elusive 5k!

Thanks xxx

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Well done you! I decided I just couldn't do it- I hurt do much afterwards and can't do press ups or even the cool down. I can't , er, open legs even a tiny bit!


Great blog and you should pat yourself on back you deserve it hope I get to level 3 too one day x kate x


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