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Will I make it 3rd time round?

This will be my third attempt at completing the C25K, having reached wk9 run1 on the first attempt before knee injury stopped me. Second attempt was half hearted and did not really follow the plan. Have now completed 2 runs, wk1ru1 and wk2ru1, which both went well. Now, question is, should I now stick to the plan, and complete wk 2, or try wk3ru1 to see how I get on? Starting Weight watchers as well next week, so am looking at combining the healthy eating and increase in exercise to get the desired result.

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I would think it worth going ahead by a bit. Try w3r1 and if it is a struggle drop back. I really feel for you, having been so close to graduating then getting an injury. That must be so frustrating, but at least you know what is in store and that you can do it. You know that the progress of the plan is carefully graduated and so it is probably best not to jump too far ahead.

Wishing you all the best of luck and that you stay injury free. I will watch for your posts.


Thanks for the reply. In the end, I did wk3, Run1 and even managed a couple of extra minutes at the end running! Still on treadmill at home at the moment, as feel safer running at home until fitness improves a bit and I know that the knee is going to hold out. Determined to get there some day!


You know as well as any of us how to do this training plan. Just keep it steady, there's no rush, and you will get there. Roll on w3r2.


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