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Week 2 started - so far so good

Done the 1st run of week 2 at lunchtime today. Felt slightly harder than week 1 runs, but not as bad as I thought they might. Each of the runs and walks was OK except after run 4. The 4th run interval went reasonably well (by my standards anyway!), but after doing the the 2 minute walk I was still pretty much panting for breath (more than usual) when it was time to start run 5. I willed myself on, wondering whether I was going to be able to complete it, but ran OK. Bizzarely, expecting the worst, my breathing calmed down much better during the following walk and I was actually ready and prepared for the last run when the 2 minutes was up. Maybe it was psychological, knowing it was the last run for the day! Chuffed to have got the first one under my belt!

Hee hee, just realised one of the tags it's come up with is 'the runs' - not very flattering is it?!!

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