Couch to 5K

100th Aberdeen Park Run next week

Next week is the 100th park run in Aberdeen so they want as many runner,joggers etc as possible. Anyone out there willing to give it a go?

I volunteered this week as I had had time off running due to holiday. I took all my gear with me but forgot my bra. It's as essential as my trainers so no running in Hillsborough Forest in Northern Ireland. I had even planned my route. :(

I'm back to week 6 as I am running faster but find 5k difficult without a walk so am trying the programme with a facer pace to build up the distance.

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Hi Candoit, good to see you. I've been out of action for nearly a week with sciatica again, most annoyed with my body as I didn't treat it badly to bring it on. Will try and get down on Saturday but looks as if it will be either a duty or with my camera, don't think a run is on the cards :(


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