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Week 6 & Park Run

I hurt my calf on week 5 . Had to have 7 days rest until it didn't hurt again.

Now I am on week6. Yesterday i did the Northampton Park run and I finished it in 31 mins!

I am amazed. At christmas i weighed 20 stone. i started a diet then the couch to 5K podcasts. I started the running & could not run 1 minute! i stuck with it had the asthma attacks and all. I have now lost 4 stone and ran a 5K race!!!

i am so glad that i found this and stuck at it.

The purpose of this post is i suppose to shout at the world I DID IT!!

but it is also to say to anyone struggling, keep at it wether it be diet or running keep at it and like everyone keeps saying, 'you will do it and can do it'.

thanks to all for advise and motivation .

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Oh wow!! What a lovely post! That is a HUGE achievement and an amazing time too! You must be very proud of yourself! I can only dream of such a time and Iam on W7! Keep on with blogging and let us know how it goes. :D


That's an amazing achievement!


Wow, amazing well done you


Very very well done. An amazing time!


Thanks to all for the kind words of support!


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