I DID IT!!!!!!

Well I did W9R3 yesterday and graduated. You would think I had just got a PhD! Ran up and down the road with my Tshirt over my head like a premiership footballer................no I didn't, it would have frightened the kids just seeing my sports bra!

Anyway, so chuffed that I talked my husband into buying me an all singing, all dancing,GPS watch and heart rate monitor. Needless to say that I won't be doing anymore running until I have worked out how to use it.

Maybe I do need a PhD after all?

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  • Well done Blom! What a sense of accomplishment you must feel!

    I am 2 runs away and the rest days have me champing at the bit. Which watch are you going to get? I am also looking into purchasing one very soon.

  • A Garmin Foreunner 110 ( from Amazon). Can't wait to give it a go. Is that a bit sad?

  • Blom, if it's sad then I am sad as well! I saw they were having a good deal on Amazon and almost bought a 110 one myself. But now I'm thinking (as I already have a Polar HRM and it seems a shame to retire it after only a few months' use, especially as it functions really really well) that I should opt for a simpler model (the Forerunner 10) and then wear one watch on each wrist. How lovely I will look with all my accessories :-P

    Please let me know how the 110 works for you.

  • Like you Be11adonna I bought a Polar HRM and found it an excellent purchase. However, I now wish I had gone for one with GPS as well.

    In my case I honestly could not believe I would get out running (and keep it up) so I thought a combined GPS and HRM would be a waste of money if all it did was track my location while I jumped about in my living room using wii to get fit :) Then I got the courage to start c25k and never looked back.

    I can't bring myself to buy a new watch since the Polar is only about 6 month old - though it does get used almost everyday! Oh well. I have hinted that I would like an all singing all dancing running watch for my birthday next month, so you never know.

    Well done Blom on graduating! Hope you enjoy using your new toy.

  • Haha. Well up until now I have gone out with a pedometer clipped to my tights waistband, an iPod and an old Polar watch and heart rate monitor ( that I used to wear in spin classes). Maybe without that lot I will run a bit faster. Who knows? I will keep you informed ;)

  • Yay!! Well done Blom - I've got 3 weeks to go before I graduate (although I've already done my 5k on a parkrun) and can't wait. It was Run 3 of Week 6 last night and I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat and almost dancing through the 5 minute walk at the end!

    I am badgering my husband for a Garmin Forerunner 10 (or possibly the 110) although he says I don't need it for running round the block and the park and seems to think this is just a passing whim. I have told him that I don't intend stopping this because I'm enjoying myself too much, that I want to enter some 5k and 10k races (and possibly the local half marathon), and that I am also wanting to join one of the local running clubs so that I have company when I want it as well as support to develop my running for stamina and speed. Hopefully Santa will be collecting said GPS watch for me and delivering it (before Christmas please!!).

  • A Garmin Foreunner 110 ( from Amazon). Can't wait to give it a go. Is that a bit sad? Don't think I'll be ever running marathons though.

  • Congratualtions on your graduation- it is a great feeling.

    I to treated myself to a Garmin - and think it is great - but to be honest at the beginning a bit of a frustrating fiddle - and then forgetting to turn it on/off. Do allow time for satillite to load up this can take a few mins and then two mins later switches of again if you forget to switch on timer. The battery connections are a bit rubbish. But still - I love it and do like scrolling through the history and watching my heart rate come down ( much quicker now incidentally). It also gives you something to aim for in terms of improving your time and distance. As for marathons- you may surprise yourself :-)

  • Thanks for the tips. Will probably take me longer to get it started than it will to complete my run. A marathon..........never ever ever! :D

  • Blo! Get iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn! Well done. Isn't it a great feeling? Enjoy your garmin, you spoiled brat!

  • Yep, that's me ;)

  • Congratulations on your graduation Blom, massive well done. I hope to be joining you very soon - just one run left!

  • Thank you Scipio.

  • Yay, congratulations on your graduation! And you have two presents: your badge and your Garmin! Enjoy :)

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