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Hurrah - end of Week 4

I'm very excited at the end of Run 3 of Week 4. For me, this marks a key milestone as I step into the halfway mark of the program. I'm beginning to feel lighter, more agile, I sleep well and my food cravings are so much more controlled than ever before. When I feel hungry these days, I know its "real" hunger :-) I'm fitting into clothes that were getting ready to be finally mothballed and its such a feeling of victory. As I ran the last run of Week 4, I consciously slowed down my pace so that I don't feel all spent and tired and was able to go for a brisk half hour walk with my wife as well at the end of the run. Thanks to all the encouragement this forum and each of you offer !

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Keep going, you sound like you are doing brilliantly.

Speed isn't everything, its the endurance and getting there that is important. I am about to embark on the start of Week 8, and I do NOT run quickly, I think of myself as more the 'Duracell Bunny' just keep plodding on and on and on.....etc lol x


Thank you Katee1958. Agree that endurance and getting there is really important. Today was Week 5 Run 1 and I managed to get through it okay. I chose to gently jog through the parts which were meant for walking and ran through the running bits and made it just fine. I did feel like a Duracell guy as I "plodded on" :-)


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