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How long a break before you have to start all over again?

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I've got a horrible head cold. I have missed my Monday evening run (when it started) and now, today, my Wednesday run, possibly even my Friday run, so all in all that will be 5 days of doing nothing.

I am on Week 8 Run 2 and I'm struggling but getting through it.

I'm so close now.

Any thoughts would be most welcome, please.

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I had to miss a few runs on the way, what with injuries, and just not being able to do it.

I think at Week 8 Run 2 you are well advanced. If you struggled with Week 8 up to now, just drop back a week (Week 7 Run 3), and see how it goes. Make sure you are well though, and don't push too hard. The important thing is to do the run and feel good about it. It's amazing how much fitter you will have become, and maybe not realise it. You'll be fine. :-)

Let us know how you get on.

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SVR28 in reply to Nerdio

Thanks. I think I'm feeling generally grumpy overall because I'm not well and I want to graduate. This is good advice and I shouldn't rush it. But you are right about being fitter. Last week I ran to put some money in the parking meter before the evil ticket gnome issued me a ticket. I felt like I was a gazelle getting to and from that pay machine! I didn't know I had it in me.

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Hi SVR, I fell ill (also with a head cold) at the beginning of week 7 and two weeks passed before I felt well enough to run again. I then optimistically attempted to carry on where I'd left of but couldn't cope (made it half way through w7r1 before stopping), so I went back to w6r1 and picked it up from there. That seemed to work for me.

But you might be much fitter than I am and need less time to recover from your cold. If I was you, when you are feeling better, try to pick up where you left of before you got sick. You never know, you may not have any trouble. If you do, you can always go back a week like I did.

I suspect that (like me!) you are desperate to graduate, especially now that we are so close, but please don't push your body if it's not ready. You will end up doing yourself more harm than good.

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SVR28 in reply to Be11adonna

Thanks, I'm not very fit and week 8 has been a real struggle so this is a sensible suggestion going back a week.

But you are absolutely right. My aim was to run my graduation run on the Bank Holiday and I'm feeling increasingly annoyed that this won't happen now.

When I started this I had no expectation at all as I usually give up and fail at most of these sorts of things but as the weeks have gone by and I have stuck with it and most importantly am enjoying it for some reason I've started putting deadlines (goals) in place but oddly enough, looking at it now and with yours and Nerdio's responses, these "goals" seem to be limiting me, not helping me!

Thanks and happy running. Off to blow my nose for the 100th time!

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I struggled all through week 7 and week 8 but found the elusive 30mins easier (go figure?).

Anyhoo I had to miss a week at around week 4/5 and actually managed to pick up from where I left off. It might be worth giving it a go and if you need to go back a week so be it. If you don't need to go back then you haven't really lost anything.

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I think you have been running long and far enough to just pick up where you where. I have previously read on here that it take s2 weeks to lose fitness. Good luck- nearly there!

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SVR28 in reply to ancientrunner

Thanks, I thought I would repeat week 5 run 3 - the 20min run, see how I feel and then carry on if I'm feeling OK and go from there. Feeling better already so hope to be back out there by the weekend.

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Look how far you've come though!! You'll get your Graduation run soon enough and it'll feel amazing :-)

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SVR28 in reply to Oryxx

Thanks, feeling better already

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My advice would be not to put pressure on yourself to graduate. Better to graduate feeling confident than to struggle over the line and lose the enthusiasm. If you find it a struggle then slow the pace down a little, it's about completing the time, not how fast ypou go. See my post from this morning. I've come back from a long break and by keeping the pace sensible I've managed tyo pick up where I left off. You've come a long way and are feeling the benefits, dpon't forget how week one felt and don't beat yourself up about struggling with the longer runs.

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SVR28 in reply to Stubbyp

Thanks for your sound advice. I tell myself this but I think I needed to hear this from someone else. Thanks again.

Happy running!

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