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Week six run one. Smashed it!

I decided I didnt need two rest days as I had previously thought after w5 r3. I was feeling fully recovered and ready to go, so I set off yesterday evening on week 6.1 when I got home from work. I usually walk home from the train so im already warm when I start; because of this I start running straight from the door and run through the warm up. This gives me an extra 5 minutes on top of the work out. I've been doing this since week four as I've been feeling that I am progressing quicker than the programme is moving along, and I wasn't finding the runs very challenging. I don't see the point of adding another 5 minute brisk walk onto the 20 minute brisk walk I've just done on the way home. So last night was 10 minutes running 3 walk 8 run 3 walk 5 run. It went brilliantly, in fact it feels like a huge step forward as my pace was noticeably faster and I felt great after each run. Of course I was knackered afterwards but I was really pleased with how it went. I can understand what some people are talking about when they talk of running addiction! The next run (10, 5, 10) holds no fear for me as I've regularly been running 10 minute stretches thanks to my warm up runs, and is just a small stretch to add two minutes onto the 8 minute run from last night. Roll on Wednesday night!

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well done!! it sounds like you are doing brilliantly especially with the added warm up runs you are doing!


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