Couch to 5K

Wk 3 run 1 - wish there weren't so many hills around here!!

Phew, running uphill is hard work!! They're not really even hills, just inclines, but I'm just running up them very, very slowly to keep going... and it's great coming down the hill at the end of course!

Also figured out one of the reasons I'm enjoying this so much. It's the sense of liberation, as usually when I go anywhere I have two small children in tow.

Have a 'niggle' in my knee. It's not painful, and it's not an ache, just a feeling. Do these things tend to develop over time into an injury?

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Those hills are doing you good, but I have to admit they can be killers. I organised variations of my route during C25K to put the uphills at the beginning of the run. However today, thinking I was a superhero now that I have graduated, I ran a different route which brought me to the bottom of the hill, known locally as Breakheart, which I had only ever run down. With 4.5k of running behind me there was no way I could make it up the hill. For the first time since I started running, I resorted to walking. I will beat it one day, but it is back to the route planner for the time being.

Running is liberating!

A physiotherapist told me that you will definitely have aches and pains when you first start running. I had achey knees for the first few weeks but they disappeared by week six. The aches, rather than the knees. I still have them and they are working better than ever. I am no expert, but if it is not a sharp pain I would carry on and keep enjoying the liberation.


Thank you, I will definitely keep going at my own pace and see how it goes (continuing to avoid hills, at least on the running bits!). It's not even uncomfortable, it just feels, well, noticeable I suppose, compared to my other knee.

Sounds like you have set yourself a new challenge there with 'Breakheart', good luck!


I can so relate to this....I love being by myself! It's amazing, no change bag or anything!

Hope the rest of your runs are going well....I'm feeling a bit scared of next week!



Thanks Friedfrog (loving the username!), I try not to think too much about the next week until the night before I start it!

I must admit, much of the enjoyment does just come from leaving the kids with my husband and heading out the door without carrying anything other than my iPod! Feel 'light' for a change!

Have already noticed a change in my overall fitness, just walking up steps. It must be doing us lots of good, let's keep at it! :)


How's your knee doing now Edqa233?? Hope it's settled down :) Totally relate to your comment about time out from the kids - I'm loving having some fresh air, freedom and "head time" on my runs and bonus avoiding bath/bed time chaos!!


Haha, yes that time in the evening is always a bit chaotic!! I've been running in the mornings lately but might change to the evenings...!!

Knee much better now thanks, although ankle is now aching a bit! I think I overdid it on the strength and flex exercises, so might do something different on my rest days.

What week are you on runsandknits? Are you feeling the benefits? My work trousers feel looser today, hurray! :)


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