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first 10K completed

Well i didn't know whether i was going to do it or not. I wanted to do 5.7 miles and perhaps walk the rest of the way home. I decided on a nice flat course because well it was a bit of a jump from 5 to 5.7 miles and my previous run was a bit undulating.

I reached half way a considered whether to stop off for a quick drink at the local public house, but no i wanted to do a minimum of 5.7 miles. I saw several runners running along the same route as me which spurred me on. The weather was pleasant one or two light showers and plenty of sunshine.

I was enjoying the scenery too. Plenty of scenic riverside landscapes and quite a few pieces of wildlife to allow me to forget how tired my legs were beginning to feel. I saw a robin and a rabbit sitting in a field totally oblivious to me as i passed by. There were a couple of horses too.

Of course i also had Laura cheering me on in my ears. So on I pushed. I don't know how it works but i always feel better when i have passed half way and am on my way back home. So on i pushed and my times actually reduced on the way back. As i reached my starting point i was still a bit short of the magical 10K so on i push to what is known in our family as the koona matarta bridge and as i reached it i crossed the 10K mark shouting loudly koona matarta in celebration.

Run finished 10 K achieved and legs feeling rather tired and nipples a little sore ( you probably didn't need to know that last part). Anyway i intend to do something similar next week and the week after so feeling rather good at the moment!

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That's great Marc, well done.




Fantastic effort! You must be feeling so chuffed with yourself.


thank you and i do


Brilliant Marc ! What a major milestone you have achieved .!

I did my first 10k last week, and even now I keep having to check my Runkeeper and pinch myself ha ha .It really is a truly amazing feeling isnt it ?

Well done to you and I really enjoyed reading your post !

Onwards, always xxx


thank you and congratulations to you too

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Hey that's fantastic, well done...and perhaps get some nipple tape???


thank you. I did a bit of internet research on nipple stuff ( purely chaffed runner's nipples of course) . I didn't realise it was such a common problem and found one recommendation that plasters could be cut down into little squares and applied as nipple protectors to avoid chaffing. I might try this and see if it helps. I suppose it doesn't affect women unless they are running braless?


It is, yes...on my marathon I saw some poor bloke with blood stains all over his t shirt ... If I don't wear something really tight I have had issues in the past, but I think most women wear good support!!!


Try Udderly Anti Chafing cream. Looks expensive at first but a little goes a long way. Brilliant stuff.

ps well done on the 10k - great feeling!!! Akuna matada


thank you


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