So excited to start my journey.....just hope I can do it!

Hi everyone,

I'm a 30 yr old mam of 2 and I've decided to take on the challenge of the couch to 5km. I'm really excited for the challenge but also nervous. For so long I have convinced myself I cant run, but after recently completing the Race for Life (I walked the course), the sense of achievement I felt was amazing.

So i decided the only person stopping me from running was here I am.

If anyone has any hints or tips they would like to share I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :-)


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  • Hey congratulations on taking the first step! The podcasts are brilliant! I started nine weeks ago now (two runs from Graduating) and I never thought what I'm achieving now would be possible. Advise I would give would be to go at your own pace, don't get hung up on how far or fast your going - it's about building up the amount of time you can run for and most importantly enjoy it! This forum is fab for support and guidance. Will look forward to hearing about your progress!!

  • Good shoes are important, preferably from a shop where they can give you advice and/or gait analysis. Lots of people start just in their ordinary trainers but everyone goes on to buy 'proper' running shoes very quickly so you might as well start as you'll continue! :-)

    Well done for deciding to join us, you'll love it, and let us know how you get on!

  • Thank you for your positive words. The support already is really appreciated.

  • I agree with all said already! And would add that you may find it challenging at first, but that's the point isn't it!! Stick with it and like me, you'll go from hardly managing the first run to graduating completely hooked. I ached the first week only, never since :0) go do it, it's fab!

  • Definitely get proper fitted running shoes as soon as you can. Follow Laura's instructions and you will be amazed how quickly you improve. I am 6 weeks post-graduation and today I ran for 7 k just for fun. Well done for starting and enjoy the exhilaration that being able to run gives you.

  • Of course you can do it! I'm almost twice your age and I did it and still do it! GOOD LUCK!

  • I'm also a 32 year old mum of two, and I've never run before in my life! I've just finished week 2 and can't wait for the next one! This forum is great for motivation and support so keep checking in to tell us how you're getting on :)

  • Hi, I'm just one run ahead of you and also started this week. I'm 38 and have two boys, one aged 2 and the youngest five months. I decided it was time to get fit and have always wanted to be able to run but never knew where to start really. Loving the podcasts and really hope I can stick with it. Hopefully we'll be graduating the same week x

  • You can definitely do it. I started 7 weeks ago, aged 50 and terrified to run!! I agree about the shoes, I got mine in week 3 and really think it made a difference. Keep coming back here, the support is fantastic, especially if you have a bad run. Good luck xx

  • I am pleased to say I completed my first run today. Wow it was tough, but the buzz I have got for completing it is amazing. Thank you for the support. Can't wait for my next run :-)

  • That's great. I couldn't run 60 seconds when I started & when you realise that that's true of most here it really keeps you going. There are times I have to give myself a good talking to. I now know talking to yourself isn't a sign of madness.

  • Ha ha your so right, I was willing myself on. It obviously helps so I will continue with my muttering!!

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