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Third Time Lucky?

So, after my lengthiest absence to date on the program I'm about to make my third attempt at getting through C25K. My left calf has been trying to thwart me, the first time I got to week 3 before the injury arose and on the second time I managed to get to week 6. As the calf kept niggling at me I just stopped the program and was so frustrated I wasn't sure I'd be able to get back to it. I've still been going to the gym several times per week doing some cycling, rowing and swimming. Saturday I managed to get through a body conditioning class at the gym which included shuttle "sprints" back and forth across the studio I thought I'd give C25K another go.

Started back at week 2 and completed the session without incident, going to do a second W2 run tomorrow morning and then gauge if I think I can go back to W3 at the start of next week. I'm going to try and add yoga and body balance into my routines to try and get some benefit from the more gentle exercise and stretching and hopefully in 9 weeks I'll be doing a run somewhere in Toronto on my holidays. I've never been a runner but have found the process of C25K a good way to build up the fitness, muscle tone and self belief to get through each week. Here's to third time lucky...

Is there anyone out there who's been plagued by a niggling injury and if so any tips? I've had my gait analysed and so have suitable shoes so very open to hearing the C25K community's thoughts!

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I'd just suggest the good old 'slow and steady' - injuries do seem to be more likely when people are pushing for faster pace. If you know you're prone to problems, maybe focus on staying slow until you've graduated?

My shins are aching at the moment because while waiting for my daughter's train to arrive, I did a bit of jogging around and a couple of 30-60 second 'run as fast as you can' efforts - I did go much faster than usual, but maybe it wasn't so clever!


Thanks greenlegs! I'm not very fast anyway, a PT told me that it could by hydration so making sure I drink my water like a good girl and keep the speed down and I plan to get through the 9 weeks this time around as I survived the "big" one at the end of week 5 but then week 6 got me... I'll work to make sure I stay slow and steady on this attempt!


I don't have any helpful suggestions but I just wanted to wish you luck and no injuries this time :)


Hi Beth51, I've not had problems like you describe, however reading your profile I am a similar type of person.

But you obviously have huge determination, which will carry you through.

I just want to wish you well for the rest of your journey and send you as much encouragement as I can. You are DOING REALLY WELL!

Good luck for the next few weeks - and long after of course!


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