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Penultimate run...W9R3 here I come on Wednesday

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I ran two intervals of 15 minutes with 2 minutes between this evening. I ran fast enough for the first half minute that notpheidippides wasn't too far ahead to disappear round the corner as quickly as usual. It didn't last long though! I was panting within 2 minutes and running at my normal speed again whilst np zoomed round the park and did close on 5 k in the 30 minutes running...well done him at 72 years old :-) Our neighbour, a much younger runner, when we returned said that of course np had the legs for running even at his advanced age. I felt better about my slow pace then. My legs MOST DEFINITELY are not runners' legs.

I feel as though I'm back to where I was before I went into hospital so I'll definitely be going for my graduation run on Wednesday. We're going to a different park where the GPS signal is good just so that I can see how far I can run in 30 minutes. I'm very much hoping it will be 3k.

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How exciting to see you on the verge of graduating! Wonderful too - really brings a big smile to my face, especially when I think back to your first posts on here. You have come such a long way - you really should both be amazingly proud. :)

Enjoy your graduation run, however far it takes you. Whooo hooooo!

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lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thank you. I'm excited and amazed that I'm doing It. Never thought i'd get this far. Your encouragement and mantra "slow and steady" have got me through.

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Woo Hoooo!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your 3k on Wednesday.

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lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to ktaylor217

Thank you.

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Hi sounds like you have fun. Good luck with Wednesday run, I hope to do my last week 9 run tomorrow (Wednesday) as well. Was going out today but no sleep because teenage son did not return from lads holiday abroad when I expected him to, great stress but he is now home and fast asleep, I'm shattered but not sleepy, if that makes any sense. Here's to us for tomorrow and all the other runners.

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lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to Alfie17

I'll be thinking of you. All the best. I'll look forward to your blog.

Congratulations to you. I was also due to finish this week but life got in the way. So I hope you enjoy every moment of your graduation run as you deserve it :D

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