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YES! Week 9 Run 3 IS HISTORY. Graduation here I come! Pinch me, it's true!

Well, Laura and I did it. Unbelievable, truly. Whew! This is so incredible. I'm always overdoing things so from the start I repeated each session, back to back. That meant those onerous 90 second slogs in Week 1 were double trouble. Oh, no! But "yes I can" prevailed. So at age 63 I just decided I should try that road to fitness, never trod before. Now I can run an hour, even if the pace is a bit -- well -- sedate. That will improve, because now, with your help, I'll continue to run as long as I am able, years to come. My dad is a healthy 99 years old, so why shouldn't I aim for that?

Thanks to each of you for helping me more than you can know. You and NHS England are beacons everywhere for taking responsibility for healthy living. It's a privilege to join you in this small way. Couch to 5k rocks. See you on the track. Wish we had Parkrun here in Canada, but there's lots of "masters" runners, friendly clubs and running events. I'm sure I'll attract some running chums, curious about the C25k logo on my shirt, soon to be ordered. YIPPPPEEEEEEE!

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So, so wonderful to hear from you, and many congratulations for graduating! :D

I'm a year younger than you and graduated a few months ago - truly, isn't it all just the most amazing sensation and experience!

Go where your lively spirit takes you and for as long as you possibly can! I can think of no reason why we shouldn't continue running forever now we've been through this programme :) I'm continuing three runs a week, whenever family or work doesn't get in the way. Off to run in France soon and then planing some running around New Zealand early next year ... Let's spread the word and make C25K global!

Enjoy some celebrating now, Cheers, Linda :D

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Thank you Linda. I will spread the word, started to already as friends envy the amazing achievement. Yes, having a graduate running shirt will be a nice billboard!. Best wishes on your global runs. Fantastic really.

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Well done! You should be very proud of yourself. :-)

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Thanks Eve. Oh my goodness, yes, I'll try not to let my swelll head pop. Modesty certainly is a virtue but at the moment I really do feel quite chuffed with myself. Just hard to believe. Happy running.

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Congratulations!!! That's great news!

It's such a great feeling, you should be so proud!

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Hey Jefna, so great to join you graduates. I feel honoured to be among the grey badges (badgers?). Thank you for your encouragement. Best wishes for a really enjoyable next run.

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Well done that man, I'm sure Canada is proud of you - we certainly are. It changes your life doesn't it, and once you've started somehow it becomes the new 'normal' and you can't imagine ever not doing it. I'm the same age as you and look forward to us both running until, well, just forever really!!

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Ha-ha-ha. Canada isn't yet all that informed, but when they are, I hope lots of new participants take on the Couch to 5k challenge. And Ned, I'm an old BIRD, not 'man'. Never mind. In the blur of the sweat and buffing, no one is much noticing. The young-tight-taut-fluorescent-spandex crowd are certainly on the track too, but whiz by so fast that I tend to look like part of the landscape. Never mind. We'll show 'em. Yes! Run forever. Thank you for your support through this. Now it's time for me to encourage the others. Maybe we'll meet on a Yorkshire path? And 63 is the new 43, don't you know? Cheers!

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OldNedGraduate in reply to

Oops! Sorry about that, although in my defence there's nothing in your posts which gives me a clue. Completely agree that 63 is the new 43 - I think I'm fitter now than when I was 43!!

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Hey, Ned. You are right, OhCanada is a stealth avatar, so full marks to you. No insult taken, not at all. And I KNOW I'm fitter now than at 43. Never looking back. Enjoy your next run and best wishes with your great training plan to get to those big runs in fine form. Thanks again for your support.

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Congratulations OhCanada! That's fantastic news!! :)

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Thank you, Fentaz. So amazing what this program offers -- hope for us out-of-shape folks who imagine a different possibility. Congratulations to you for your courage to start and progress so far so successfully. We are all in this together, and what a pleasant friendly bunch are posting. Aren't we so lucky?? Best wishes on your next day out -- and for the weather to be perfect!

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Congratulations and well done !!! Amazing achievement doing those back to back runs. Enjoy those good feelings and wear your shirt with pride. My very best wishes for your future plans are winging their way across the Atlantic. Good luck

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Thanks Mazzero! Say, you are nearly there, too? I'm looking forward to news of your W9R2 -- and then the final one. I was quite nervous today for that run 3. But I listened to Laura, just like all the other weeks, start slow and get the pace steady. Oh how slow I am, but I just told myself the speed will take care of itself over time -- now it is all about the time. And it worked! Good luck with this run, and for runs ever after. Sent back to you over the pond ;-)

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