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10k out of reach ?

well ive had a week off running because my knee was giving me a lot of pain, i was doing the B210K programme and was up to doing the three 15 minute runs, but i think its just too much for my knee and i think im going to have to give up on the idea of running 10k. did a couple of 10 minute runs with a 1 minute between them last night and a can still feel it in my knee.

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That's tough - you must be disappointed :(

I haven't started the programme yet, as I've been struggling with running at all recently (mentally). However, what has really helped with previous knee issues has been doing squats - they strengthen your glutes and quads, which means your knees don't take the strain in the same way. I started them by doing a 30 day challenge I found online, beginning with 20 and working up to 250...and now do a maintenance 50 a day. The difference they've made has been HUGE.

I've just started a new 30 day challenge which combines squats, lunges and bridges for the same reason. (I need a programme to keep me motivated).

Maybe give it a try and then work up to 10k very, very slowly?

Hope you can sort your knee problems out.x


thanks for that , i will deffo have a look at that


Hi chuck71 glad to see you are being sensible and not pushing which could cause real damage. I agree 100% with what honorsmum has suggested, if you can build up strength in the muscles just above the knee that will help greatly. The other thing I found when running 10K's is I have to slow down, now I'm not fast but I take to about 3K to get into what I call my comfortable stride. Once I'm there its easier to maintain and although my legs are tired at the end I feel I could go on some more albeit perhaps only another 1K.

Don't give up on the idea altogether, they do say if you can run 5K then 10K is always doable, good luck and I hope you knee settles down soon.


Chuck, take some time to allows the knees to recover. 10k will not be out of reach once you allow your body to recover.


Sorry to hear you're suffering from knee pain, not only is it really unpleasant but it's a shame when something stops you from running. I started Couch to 5K just over three months ago and in that time I've been frustrated to have to take extra rest days for a dodgy knee and two twisted ankles as I managed to fall out of the front door one week and then out of the back door a fortnight later, just as the first had healed! Rest really does help and it's good to listen to what your body is telling you, but I've found that when my knee flares up if I run with a knee support (I got the Neo G knee support from Amazon) it really made a difference and helped to support my knee and get me back to running sooner. Good luck and I hope you're back working towards your 10K soon.


thanks for all your support on this


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